My Sister Brenda & Gina our Niece have gone back home now after a busy week here in Dunedin to celebrate our Nephew, Andy’s 21st Birthday.   I miss them already.

Brenda is back in Brisbane and Gina in New Plymouth.   Gina came to drop our car off at midday today when we were doing a lot of hard work, chainsawing and splitting some firewood in one of our paddocks. It was good to give her another hug.

The best part of all the hard yakka was driving the bike, our cows didn’t seem to worry me driving beside them.  


Colin normally cooks in the weekends, tonight I decided I would cook as he is knackered.   It was all Gluten Free, but was probably very unhealthy. 😛

I made stuffed mushrooms, baked potatoes and a mini bacon and egg pie I made with a Gluten Free wrap instead of pastry.  We both worked up a good appetite, it was yummy.


Last night Colin and I went into town to have a look at The Vogel Street Party.   It was worth a look but a tad cold, so we didn’t hang around too long.


I hope this week ahead won’t be too busy, nigh night.




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