I wonder what Angels in heaven smell like ? , probably a sweet delightful smell like lavender or roses.  

My Sister Brenda likes Angels a lot and so did our Mum.

Brenda gave all of us a lovely gift when she was here in NZ two weeks ago.  Lucky me, I received some lovely perfume….called ‘Angel’.

Yesterday I wore it on a walk with a crowd of people, I had four comments on my perfume smelling nice.  One lady even recognized it as being ‘Angel’ 🙂  

This is part of the review I read about the perfume :

“This ground breaking oriental fragrance is one of the best selling perfumes of the past 20 years. This feminine scent has notes of bergamot, mandarin, dewberry, honey, red berries, patchouli, australian sandalwood, coumarin, vanilla, caramel, chocolate”

Did someone say chocolate?   …hmmm no wonder I love it. 

Brenda knows I love perfume, and so did our Mummy Dearest.  

Today is very windy in Dunedin, I wanted to go for a walk, but it was almost gale force winds.  They still haven’t settled yet and it is after 8pm.

We have just found out today after Colin finally got hold of his Brother, that he is getting operated on tomorrow.  He is a bit of a loner and an anxious person, he is scared, we don’t blame him.  

He is getting a lung taken out tomorrow due to cancer and they will also remove a few ribs.   Fingers and toes crossed it goes well, Colin and I will go and see him in a couple of days time.  I hate cancer!

I had a hell of a week at work last week, don’t know if things will be that much better this week….I will tell you more when I know more.  My work place are treating me badly.   I better get a good nights sleep.  🙂  


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