Hi all fellow bloggers and readers. I haven’t been able to post anything lately due to a busy couple of weeks. 

Colin’s Brother is doing well after his surgery of removing his lung and ribs.  We visited him again on Friday night, he was sitting up and chatting away.  He is now only 51 kgs and gaunt, therefore looks a lot older than his 52 years.  Fingers crossed for him gaining his health and life back.  He said to us ‘he thought he was brown bread’.  Colin hadn’t heard of this saying before.  I wonder if it is a New Zealand slang or saying?   We told Colin that it means: ‘he thought he was a gonna’, or ‘on his last legs’….geez there is another couple of sayings. 🙂

Yesterday I volunteered at The Hospice for most of the day, then took my 83 year old friend Alma out for a coffee.   She left a message on my answerphone last night to say how much fun and enjoyment she had.  She kept cuddling me and didn’t want to say goodbye.  Her family/sons live out of town, I am glad I made an effort and took her out to brighten up her day.  I achieved what I set out to do.

 Alma lives near the Hospice and also a local Rest Home for the Elderly, it is called Ross Home.   Alma volunteers her time there herself, even at her age 🙂   The Ross Home Cafe is where Alma wanted to go for our afternoon tea.   I wanted to take her into town or further afar, but it was her choice.  On our answerphone last night she left a message saying she didn’t get home until 5pm, she visited two patients and massaged a 80 year old ladies back, as she was sore.   It brought a tear to my eye that Alma is older than some of the patients and she does this.  She is such a lovely lady and friend.  Also we have a special attachment, we both have Coeliac Disease.  That is where I met her at our Coeliac Society a few years ago.

My work is restructuring jobs in the office at the moment, I won’t say too much on this just now, but my job is on the line:(  

My work has not been very nice to me over the last two weeks.  I officially find out on Wednesday.   I haven’t been sleeping very well worrying.  I have been there 7  and a 1/2 years and do a good job in my department, always offering extra hours and bending over backwards for them.  Not a nice feeling with a possible redundancy looming, right before Christmas, and no redundancy money at all.  Damn, I have been really upset and sad about this.  Will see what this week brings.

In the meantime I will keep on keeping on.  😛

Check out this lovely set of handcrafted dolls heads I won at an auction last week.  I was out walking and saw an auction room open so poked my head in.   I did a paper bid on the set and won.  I had to ask them how I do this bid.  I love them and am delighted they are now mine.  They have been made by an artist, I am thinking they look like the style of Oamaru’s Donna Demente ?  I love her style and work, a bit whacky and unique.  I will investigate further.

They are paper mache with real birds wings…. yes I know, not everyone’s taste.  But …I love ‘different’ and supporting other artists.  Here is a photo.  I am now going to hang them up on my wall, if I can find a space.   

unnamed (2)

I am also adding two lovely photos of my friend Beata’s puddy cat, Kiera, she is gorgeous. Beata is Polish, studies and lives in Denmark.  Kiera is a Polish Cat 🙂 and lives with Beata’s Fathers.


Kiara 2

Have a happy day 🙂



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