Late this morning I left home in the drizzle with my coat on to do a long walk.  It ended up being longer than I thought, I walked 21.14 kms = a half marathon.    I have used up a good whack of the day 😦 but at least, finally, I have had time to do a decent walk.

I left home at 11 am and walked to Brighton Beach, south of where I live.  The weather improved along the way.  Colin was going to pick me up when I had had enough, but he and our Daughter went out to look at a new car for her at the Car Sale Yards and broke down on the way home in her wee car 😦

Colin had to end up walking up the hill to home to get his car to tow her  little Mazda home, it had blown a radiator hose.  Yesterday he spent the whole day replacing the water pump in it after the car stopped after overheating on her way home from her caregiving work the previous day 😦  

Colin had noticed the hose a little soft but as our Daughter wants to replace the car soon,  he didn’t want her  to have any added expense as well as paying for a new pump.  They were coming up the hill and the hose exploded, water and steam everywhere 😦  Colin is off to town to buy a hose now, lucky this time he can fix it for her without any extra labour costs by a mechanic/garage.

So they couldn’t come and collect me when I was tired and had enough walking, I had to turn around once I got to the Beach and walk most of the way home.  I was out for almost 4 hours, I did stop to talk to two people though along the way.

 The first chap was a Farmer on the way to Waldronville, I commented on his sheep to him over the fence from the main road.  We need to buy a few more as we have too much grass.  His breed are Texel, real good stocky healthy sheep.  This lovely man ended up knowing my Father Ted, from when he worked at the Water Department.  He said Ted was a ‘hell of a good man’, talking to him and him saying that made my day. Dunedin is a small city, everyone knows someone else.

 Then further along the way near Ocean View, half way to Brighton Beach a lady was walking her dog,  it was part Lab and part Collie. The dog, a boy called ‘Henley’ was on a lead but came up to me, I patted him and chatted to the lady for a while.  The dog liked me patting him, she asked if I would like the dog as he is too much to handle for her.  She had rescued Henley from the Dunedin Dog Rescue like our Daughter did with Bailey, but she didn’t have the energy to walk him all the time as he was full of  too much energy. 

She was serious and said how much he loved me, (probably from patting him) she asked if I could consider having 3 dogs 😛

 I told her I wouldn’t be married any more if I came home with another pet as we have 3 cats and 2 dogs already. Colin would kill me.

Someone will take him as he was a lovely dog.

By the time Colin picked me up I was almost back at Green Island, almost home. I was feeling and probably looking a little knackered.  But at least I DID get my walk in that I wanted.
I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of the year.  I hope that next year we get some good luck, including our Daughter. 


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