Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers and readers.

We didn’t do anything on New Years Eve, which was fine by me this year as I have been working so many casual on-call days and hard late hours etc that I was pleased to just sit home.

The three of us sat together, there was nothing on TV (as my Father would call it …’The Idiot Box’).  We stayed up until about 1pm then hit the hay.

On New Years day Colin and I went to the Horse Racing up at Waikouaiti with some friends from our VW Club.  Waikouaiti is about 30kms north of Dunedin.  I am not interested in the racing really, and I am scared of horses, but I do enjoy the atmosphere being there and also that it is a fun family day out.
After our BBQ lunch, I was talked into hopping on a Ferris Wheel with my little friend who was there, he is 7 years old and such a lovely wee fella. He wanted me to go on with him 🙂 

Last time I was on one was years ago with my Brother and Sister, it stopped at the top, for a lonnnnnnnnnnng time.  We were pooing our pants, especially my Sister Brenda, who apparently Mum said, sat there frightened with her legs apart.   Not very lady-like when you are wearing a dress…but she was only about 7 or 8 years old 😛

After getting on, being talked into it by young K along with his Dad and Grandad Ken, I was screaming like a big baby when it started going higher.  I think it is more the fact that the engineering on the wheel looked so dodgy and unsafe, there was rust and cracks everything.  My hands were so clammy and my knuckles were white.  My legs were shaking too, Grandad and Dad thought it was hilarious when on the first round, they stopped at the top! to let someone off.  I had already told them why I didn’t really want on there. I am unsure how the contraction would pass any Health and Safety tests, it groaned, it cracked and made popping noises. 

 K, the 7 year old sat beside me and reassured me…in the end I was ok, but was happy to get on the ground.  That was enough excitement for the day/week.

I drove home as Colin had had a couple of beers.

It was nice to do something and get away for our first day trip. 



Today I went for a big walk into town, then back up through a hilly suburb of Mornington.  I was away for 3 hours.  This afternoon I did some weed eating with our petrol weed eater.  I have never used it before, only the small electric type ones.  I was wearing my ear muffs, safety glasses and pink gumboots 😛 and had fun whacking down some of the knee high long grass in an unused dog run.

I think I will sleep well tonight.

Finishing with a photo of Turbo, our adopted cat  🙂 He is adorable



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