I started the day with giving Colin breakfast in bed, nothing flash but I had to take a photo of his morning pills (chemo pills) as it is the last time he is taking them today, the end of Jan.  
It has been 2 lonnnnnnng years of him taking them, and also the 5 1/2 months of chemo thru the drip in hospital…so thank god it is over.
His Oncologist told him to stop them the end of Jan, we guess he will be called in to the Hospital some time soon after another blood test… and possibly may have to get a bone marrow biopsy???(these are not nice) and then fingers crossed he will be told he is in remission forever!
Funny how such small pills can do so much to get rid of the nasty cancer, but creates lots of side effects.  We hope now that he will start improving his soreness and feeling unwell, his tiredness and also regain his eyesight back to where it was.   Big whoop eh, had to share this. 🙂 🙂 🙂
We wanted to celebrate and maybe go out for tea, as we said we would when I get a job and Colin stops his medication but we are going up to Wanaka for our Brother-in-laws 50th Birthday party next weekend, so we will celebrate in a few weeks time when we have not got expenses etc.
I had a busy day, I water blasted the paths I started months ago for two hours, then dug heaps of my Maori potatoes out of the garden, as I promised some of the staff at my new job some.
I also picked some chick weed out of the garden for our chickens, they love it.
Our Daughter and I are going to the Movies tomorrow night, ‘The Danish Girl’, it looks really good.  She asked me to go, I was surprised, so of course said Yes very quickly.  
I haven’t been to the movies for a long time, I am looking forward to going with her. 🙂
The young lass is on holiday for two weeks, she needs a break, as she works hard, almost every day working split shifts.  
Think I will jump in bed earlier tonight. Have a good week.

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