Yesterday was Colin’s Birthday.  Our Daughter and I went halves in getting him a neat pressie.  It was hard keeping the surprise secret.

Colin loves honey, he has always wanted to have a beehive.  He finally got his wish.  We have rented a hive for him for a year. 

We have lots of bees, it was delivered last night when Colin arrived home from work. The chap that owns the business was very discreet in keeping our secret for us.  He rang the door bell and surprised the heck out of  Colin.  He said ‘who’s that?’…I said ‘it must be your birthday present’.  Murray, the bee man gave us an introduction to having the hive out our place, it is so exciting.  We even got to peep into the hive and taste the honey.  There is about 60,000 bees in there already.  

Murray is going to come back and let us put on the suits and have a real good look at things soon.  Next Feb we will get around 16 kilos of honey, yum.  Honey is so so expensive in the supermarkets.  Our honey will have a taste of it’s own. 

We were going to get the hive for Colin for Christmas, but after I made inquiries, I  lost my job.  It is very expensive to hire them, but will be worth it and learning about the bees etc.   Murray will look after the hive and the bees during the year and involve us fully.   

Colin was chuffed.  After Murray left we went out for tea to Sampan, our favourite and cheap Cambodian Restaurant.  

This weekend we are away to Wanaka in Central Otago for our Brother-in-laws 50th Birthday Party. It is a 3 and a 1/2 hour drive, therefore we will stay the night at Colin’s Sisters house.



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