I have just finished eating a BBQ tea, yum, it was tasty.  It has been a sunny weekend.  Yesterday I went on a walk with my Harrier friends out to Warrington, a 40 min trip from Dunedin.

We started walking on the beach, along through bush, then over a track back to our cars.  We finished at a local Nursery at Blueskin Bay that has a lovely Cafe. Time for chit chat and a coffee or tea and cake.  There were 20 of us in total.  Everyone was happy that I threw my camera in my bag before I left home and got some nice photos.

We decided to take a group picture in front of the inlet at the Beach.  It wasn’t a fast walk, just a 6km cruisey stroll.  

Harriers Walk in Warrington 27 Feb 2016 (2)

Harriers Walk in Warrington 27 Feb 2016 (17)

Tonight I did a faster and longer hilly walk and got home at 7pm.  A quick shower then a BBQ out side in my PJs ha ha.  The neighbours are a long way away so no one saw me. ;P   We live on a 5 acre lifestyle block, I think that equates to 2.2 hectares.

Our Daughter dropped me off in Mosgiel when she went back to work again at 5pm to do her caregiving job.  It was still hot, I tackled the big hilly walk home, 2 hours and 14 kms later. I think I will sleep well tonight. I was red as a beetroot, but very happy I made myself do it.

This morning Colin and I went to an ‘Open Day’ at the Wingatui Train Tunnel, opened to the public for the day to walk through. 

Tunnel at Wingatui 28 Feb 2016 (7)

The tunnel was built in the 1870’s and closed around 1914 due to being too small in width for two trains to pass each other. It is on private land, this land the Dunedin Council is trying to purchase, then they hope to open it up as a Bike and Walking track through to the Caversham Tunnel, travelling and connecting on to the Octagon in central Dunedin.  It would be fantastic as people could commute to town on the 19 km route instead of using cars, therefore less traffic and emissions.  

The rail tracks were removed years ago.  It would be great for Dunedin for tourists and also walking and cycling groups.  I hope it happens one day.

Tunnel at Wingatui 28 Feb 2016

The Tunnel was small, it was not overly long either and muddy in parts with puddles.  I wish we had of known to take gumboots and a torch.  At the end of the tunnel was a beautiful area of grass and bush with many native birds singing songs to us, it was so tranquil. 

Tunnel at Wingatui 28 Feb 2016 (3)

We returned home with muddy shoes and legs, and my skirt  got caught up in a blackberry bush.  I gained a few  scratches on my legs, nothing to cry about.  It was worth it getting muddy and wet feet.  Nice to know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂  I am off now to read a few of your blogs before I turn the computer off. 

Tunnel at Wingatui 28 Feb 2016 (5)

Tunnel at Wingatui 28 Feb 2016 (2)

I have another meeting tomorrow night, I hope it won’t be a late one.

I hope you all have a good week ahead. 


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