Hello, finally!

I planned to do this post a week ago but have been busy attending nice courses, meetings etc, and just being too lazy/tired. 😉

I can now tell you my good news. 

Last Friday morning we went to Wanaka and  Queenstown in Central Otago for 3 nights. It took us 4 hours to drive there. 

On Saturday it was also my birthday. I actually spent most of it by myself, ha ha, doing a Dream Goal I wanted to achieve before I turned 50.  I wanted to compete in a Marathon (42.2kms) and to finish it. 
It was a hard Marathon to enter as it is off road event, (I am a road/street walker) .  It had mountains to climb, creeks to go thru and rivers 😕.   Different terrains, gravel, dirt, grass, stones, tussocks etc.   
I have been trying to train for months doing some track off road walks up hills, but when I was made redundant from my job in October it thru things out.  I had to concentrate on getting a job then, so had less time available to train.  But I did what I could.
I had heard about my Marathon ‘Motatapu’ starting in Wanaka to Arrowtown, reaching a height of almost 900 metres at the 27km mark.  It is breathtaking scenery that you wouldn’t believe.
I found out when I paid for it last year that it was going to be on my Birthday day, so I thought it was a ‘sign’ that I had to enter…and I did…and I completed it, = yay.  I am so so happy. A week later today and I am still smiling on the inside. 🙂  My lucky number is 5, and my Race Number that I had to wore had three of them on it. 🙂
I was so determined to do it, if my body stood up to it I had the will not to give up. As you know I have bowel problems/issues and have low blood pressure, so was worried.
 It was extremely hard, I did quicker than I ever expected, 6 hrs and 29 mins to  complete it walking as fast as I could. The river crossings towards the end were almost up to my shorts, deep in parts.   I also came in ahead of many runners.  Good for them doing it and also the cyclists in the Mountain bike section.
I turned 49 on Saturday,  therefore I had another year up my sleeve incase I failed before I turned 50. …I didn’t need to worry afterall.   
Before I turned 40, I wanted to RUN a half marathon – 21 kms, I did that at 38 years old and then again at 39 and was pleased with that.
 I kept is quiet from everyone as I was nervous, so didn’t want people reminding me about it.  ha ha.  Now I can tell everyone in the world….I did it!!!!  Did I tell you I am happy?
I was a bit sore and stiff for the two days after but not as bad as I thought I would be. I had wet feet for 80% of the time from the 30 lots of water crossings, to my shock I didn’t get blisters or sore feet.  I am all ok now, but  I still feel tired a week later.
I felt very privileged to be walking through such beautiful scenery in Central Otago, especially that the owners kindly let the public on to their properties to do this event once a year.  One of the land owners is Shania Twain. 
New Zealand is so beautiful, we are very lucky.
Colin and I didn’t go out for Dinner that night to celebrate my Birthday and me crossing that finish line as it was getting late when we got back to our motel in Queenstown.  We spent another night in Queenstown and went out the next night.  
Before we left our Daughter made me a very tasty chocolate Gluten Free Birthday Cake, I was surprised and chuffed.  
Colin and I did a few things in Queenstown, I will tell you later.
Today was nice and sunny, so I went on a 10 km walk with my Harriers friends out Brighton, once again I wore my Harriers Top/Uniform with pride.   
I am finishing this post off with a nice wall I have just spotted on the net. It is in a shower of course, beautiful.

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