It is Sunday night, but feels like a Saturday night to me.  My days and nights are jumbled up this week.   I am not sure if I am Marther or Arthur, ha ha.


I did my usual stink of Monday to Friday cooking for the Children at work this week, but also was asked by Kmart to work on Friday night as they were short staffed.
I was very happy to receive their call, as I hadn’t heard from them for around seven weeks. We are going away  weekend to Nelson with a few members in our Volkswagon Club sometime …. therefore the extra money will come in handy to pay for the petrol costs.

As it turned out, I was just about to finish for the night on Friday when the Assistant Manager asked me to work again last night.  I couldn’t say no, I wanted to help them even if I was dog – tired.  I was also thinking of more money to help with the costs of us being away for six days, as it is going to be an expensive few days.

On Friday I worked 6.5 hours at my cooking job, finishing at 330pm, I quickly got changed into my uniform and  tried to find a park near Kmart to start. I worked there from  4pm until midnight!…I worked 14 hours straight 😛  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn

Yesterday I did the same at Kmart, getting to bed at 2am again, I then had to get up today to Volunteer at The Hospice on my usual shift cleaning for them.  I didn’t want to let them down, so dragged myself out of bed at 730 am.  I am feeling it now, yaaaaaaawn again. I am pooped.

It was nice at The Hospice today, chatting to two lovely ladies and a nice man, the others were sleepy when I cleaned their rooms.  I love helping them out there and just being there. 

When I left I quickly drove down the road to my 84 year old friend, she has a sore leg after getting a lesion cut out last week.  She had left a message on our answerphone saying she had to have ten stitches.  I think I made her day arriving with a bunch of cheerful flowers.  She understood I couldn’t stay much more than 45 mins. She is a dear wee soul with a whacky sense of humour.  I love how she always says ‘ that’s cool’ or ‘mate’ to Colin. 

This afternoon I spent a few hours stripping some paint off an old duchess I brought  and started a few weeks back.  I brought it for our Daughter, but she doesn’t like it, so I think I will do it for myself.  Maybe she will change her mind when I am finished?  We will see.

Kmart rang and asked me to work again tonight, I couldn’t and had to say no.  Tomorrow we have a special day off work, ‘Otago Anniversary Day’, yay, that is great, I will catch up a little and sleep in until at least 9am.  



It has been very muggy in Dunedin today, not really sunny as such, just hot.  Even the dogs and our cats have been feeling it.  I won’t be having many blankets on the bed tonight, that’s for sure.

The photo below is Chevy and Bailey, looking grumpy. The photos above are Chevy lying down in front of the fire last winter with her mate, Turbo, our cat we were baby sitting, or is that cat sitting?  Anyway, he has stayed and stayed, now he is ours.  We love Turbo, he loves it living here too with lots of company: dogs, sheep, piggy, cows and lots of long grass in our paddocks to catch mice.  


Looking forward to a lie in. 




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