Hi everyone, it has been a long time since I did a post. I have been reading others from time to time , but not able to do a post myself.

It is not from a lack of not wanting to write something or from a lack of having nothing to write about, quite the opposite really.

Lots has been happening, both good 🙂 and bad 😦

I have managed to do a bit of crocheting, I am still making the Peggy Square blanket for our Daughter, I started it before Christmas for her Birthday in May.  I forgot how many squares you need.  It is probably about three quarters done. Maybe she will get it next birthday 😛

I have a new job, I had to resign from the other one, I loved the children I was cooking for but the staff/teachers were not very friendly.  I was working so hard, there was way too much work for one person to do and I was physically running all day.   I really was treated like a slave and ignored.  I managed to hold on to the job for 7 months, the ‘Cooks’ job  I thought I had applied for ended up being about 20% of my work day.   The rest was laundry, cleaning and dishes. 😦

Anyway my new job is great…I will tell you more later.  I am now working full time, and working with lovely staff. 🙂  I am tired though, using my wee brain a lot.

Also I have to tell you… my Karman Ghia is almost ready to drive 🙂   Colin has just taken it in to get certified = 🙂  After only a couple of minor things to fix, it has passed.  He and I are very happy.  They are very thorough at Certification.  They check and test everything.  They get all the welding checked/tested and every new or modified thing checked with a fine tooth. I guess they have to when you improve or renew or modify a car. It is all about safety.  Colin has done a great job.  I can’t wait to get in it and drive it.  All that needs to happen now is the carpet and the door panels put on.  Colin even upholstered them himself.  I am so lucky.  

On a unhappy note, Colin’s Brother died last week of cancer 😦  He was only 54.  It is so unfair.  He was operated on prior to Christmas, it was in one lung and two ribs.   The ribs were removed and part of one lung.   He recovered well, but then started breathing badly again and being sore, the doctors thought they got it all.   Only a few weeks later he was told it was in more ribs and throughout his bones??  We can’t understand why it spread so fast, or was it not picked up at the operation?  A couple of months ago he was given 2-3 months to live. I think he got about 2 and a half of those months.  It is so unfair.  He stipulated he didn’t want to have a funeral, we have to respect that, but it seems hard to accept he has died or to try to put closure on him not being here.  I guess time will help and we do hope to get his ashes soon so we can scatter them somewhere nice. 

It was a bad week, our Daughter was in a car accident on Wednesday of the same week 😦  Someone hit her car on the passengers side, he never saw her.   Lucky that it wasn’t her Drivers side and lucky she is unhurt as the car is a mess.  She has saved for over 2 years for this wee car on a low wage.  It is such a pain having to get it fixed at the Panel Beaters through his insurance, (we are still waiting to hear if it is able to be fixed).  And also the inconvenience of being without a car for weeks. We are all sharing cars at the moment so she is able to get to work each day.

I said to Colin, ….it must be someone else’s turn to have bad luck.   We honestly have had about 12 or so years of it.  It should be the bad awful people in the world that have the grief we what we have experienced.  Surely… more good times in life is yet to come.  Really it makes you think and appreciate the good times, and the things we do do and have or own,. compared to those that are poor, under nourished and without a home.  

I am volunteering at The Hospice on Sunday again, therefore I plan on making someone that needs a lift to have a smile.  I love chatting to the patients while I am working and cleaning their rooms.  🙂 They seem to enjoy talking too :))

That’s it from me at the moment.  I hope all my favourite bloggers and followers keep on keeping on too and smiling.  



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