Hi all, what a busy weekend, yesterday I had our Harrier’s Athletics Club Saturday afternoon walk, we walked a lot of hills, and through the Dunedin Botanical Gardens.  I think we walked around ten kms.  It was a warm winters day.  We then catered for another Harriers Club for afternoon tea. We all had to bring a plate of food. I made a huge plate of ham and egg sandwiches.  By the time us Walkers returned they were gone :O   I was told they tasted nice.

This time I didn’t want to watch everyone eat yummy afternoon tea, so I made myself two special sandwiches and took them along all wrapped up with my name on them.  I found some lovely Gluten Free bread at the supermarket in the morning, it is Tumeric bread. It is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Paleo.  It’s very soft, tasty and such a pretty bright colour.  I was relieved so see they were still on the table …no one had touched them.  Another Club member who also has Coeliac Disease was standing there feeling out of sorts watching everyone eat, so I did the right thing and offered him one.  He was very very happy and appreciated my gesture.  His was gobbled up before I unwrapped my one 😛  It was a good day, I was given a surprise cup/trophy at the afternoon tea also for my ‘out of town race’ a couple of weeks ago. Normally the whole club goes up to Alexandra and does a 10km walk or run.  Only a few went this year. 

I was the only Walker who attended.  The same lad I gave a GF sandwich too won a cup for the 1st  member from our club to be finished , for running it.   And I got a cup for being the 1st Walker from our club to finish.  Funny I was the only Walker that went up, but I was still so so chuffed and surprised.  And excited as I didn’t know that a Walkers Club even existed for this event. I was gobsmacked. 🙂

Then today I did a Fun run and walk, my Brother did the 10km run, and I entered the 5km walk.  I did my two laps, finished and then supported my Brother and run one of his final four laps with him.  He was tired, but did well as he has had the flu.  This fun event today is in preparation for a Half and Full Marathon that is coming up in two weeks time.  It is run annually by my club.  Last year Colin and I marshaled for it in the cold.  I decided two weeks ago to walk it this year = 21kms.  Steven is going to run it.   I haven’t had much time to practice with my new job and working longer hours.  I will have to try to find time, somehow in the next couple of weeks.

The good part of today, apart from the practise was that I was the 1st Walker home, by a long long way to the 2nd person. I was shocked.  No times are taken and no names as it is a practise and fun event, but I am still very happy .  😉 It was nice to see my Brother too as we have been out of contact for a couple of years.  

I took a photo of some of us walking yesterday and my sandwiches as they looked so pretty.  I think I will be in bed early tonight.


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