Wow, it has been sooooo busy these last few weeks. I can feel myself getting older every day. 😛  Here are a few photos I have taken over the last two weeks to show you what has been happening.


Our first lot of lambs were finally born last Saturday, we have five in total now.  These adorable triplets were born first, their Mum is feeding them all and taking care of them. 


This is one of our favourite ewes, she is getting old now.  She always comes up close to the fence so we can rub her curly head.  She is an Arapawa Island breed sheep, they shed a lot of their own wool.  We call her ‘The Neck’ , as she has a really long one. 🙂  

Our beehive has been added to, the bees are making lots of honey for us. Another hive box was put on top.  We will soon be having a look inside the hive, our beekeeper who is looking after our hive is going to bring some suits up soon for us to have a glimpse, we can’t wait.  Colin has started a two day course learning about bees, he is finding it really interesting.


This is one of the new Street Art walls in Dunedin City, it is pretty cool. One day soon I will go for a walk around town to view it all.  There are some very talented artists around.


Yes, my Karmann Ghia is finished = 🙂    This is a couple of sneak previews of it being put back together.  I have a post to come on my car to share with you soon. Carpet samples are on the bonnet, yes I did pick the green one.



 And my Harriers Athletic’s Club season finished last weekend.  😦   We will still all catch up and do some summer walks together.  I received a couple of certificates at the Prizegiving last week with ten different awards on them for races.  It was probably my best achievement this season since joining the club 6 or so years ago.

  Most of the time we just do social walks though on Saturdays, but I do love pushing myself in races.  The photo of me above is when I was knackered in a recent race – the Cadbury Half Marathon.  This was the end of my walking as fast as I could, 21.1 kms later, in 2 hours, 40 mins.  I was 4th female over the line and 7th overall.  I was the first Walker in from my Athletics Club.  I was happy with my effort on the day. 

Tomorrow night after work I am meeting three friends for dinner, it will be nice to catch up with them as I haven’t seen them for a long time. I hope the restaurant has a couple of different Gluten Free options 🙂

I think I need to go to bed early tonight for a change…yaaaaawwn



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