Hi all, geez I don’t get much time at all these days to do a blog.  Now that I am working full time, there is little time to do too much.  I have been trying to do a little more walking etc as I am sitting all day now at my office job.   In the weekend I had plenty of exercise 🙂  

I am a Walker now, when I was younger I use to run for about 7 years.  I stopped as it got boring running by myself.  I run two half marathons before I turned 40.  That was my goal… to run 21 kms without stopping before I turned the big 40.  I did it, twice, when I was 38, then 39.

After a few more years of slow running….I am a ‘plodder’ I started walking , then joined my Harriers Athletics Club.  That was about 8 years ago, it was probably the best thing I have done.  To motivate myself and push myself more, to improve, to enter the odd race and meet new people.

Last year I decided I needed to focus on a new do a full marathon = 42 kms.  I have always wished to do one, and to do it before I turn 50, I knew I couldn’t run it, therefore it had to be a walk or tramp, off road event.

This was new to me, not walking on roads.  I had done lots of races and events and achieved a few placings, but always on the road.  I found out the ‘Motatapu’ Off Road event thru the mountains from Wanaka to Arrowtown was on on my birthday in March.  I started training , walking longer distances and hills out in the bush here in Dunedin.  

I did it, on my birthday, it was the best way to spend a birthday turning 49.  It took me just over 6 hours of walking as fast as I could, walking thru the most beautiful scenery you could imagine, going as high as 900 metres above sea level.  I walked on gravel, mud, rocks, gravel,long grass,tussocks, thru rivers, up massive hills, all things out of my comfort zone.  I really pushed myself, it was hard, but I loved every minute of it.  Some of the river crossings towards the end were up to my thighs.  Such a great feeling crossing that finish line, where Colin was waiting for me.

Lately I have been on three tramping walks with a chap from my Club and a few others.  I have been wanting to do some different longer off road walks that are a little harder than pounding the pavements.  On Saturday we did a 5 hour trek/tramp seeing some beautiful sights of Dunedin in places I never knew existed.  And also lately I have been doing a little bit of running again.  Yes, I will never be fast, but I am giving it a go, I run the Park Run early most Saturday mornings at 8am, it is only 5kms but hard in places.  

Tonight I went for a run = 8.6kms through Ross Creek with a few others from my Harriers Club and Dunedin people.  Steven , my Bro is recovering from an injury. I invited him along.  He did well and everyone was so friendly to him.  He really enjoyed it, we were both sweating like pigs when we finished.  We decide to take a selfie at the end of it, looking tired.

We will have to do it again, maybe next Monday night. 😛

Last week I had a nice chat on the phone to my wee Sister in Aussie. It was great talking to her, something we hardly do.  So Brenda if you are reading this post, you will have a laugh seeing the selfie of us too.   Love you xxx.


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