Today we had our Car Club’s Christmas Party just out of Dunedin.  We have been in the Volkwagen Club for quite a few years now.  It was nice to catch up with everyone, especially my young mate (one of the member’s Sons).  He is my favourite and it seems I am his = 🙂

VW xmas 16 Aramoana (10)

VW xmas 16 Aramoana (8)

We were a little late arriving as I volunteered at The Hospice this morning, Colin picked me up afterwards in my Karman Ghia.


Lunch was nice, I made three salads last night so I could eat something Gluten Free.  It is hard having Coeliac Disease when there is an event on especially if it is a shared meal.

My special friend had me colouring in with him, playing cards then having a go on the swings.  I like that saying ‘ you are never too old’.

I made my friend ‘K’ a ‘noughts and crosses’ game yesterday, also his Cousin one as well as I knew she would be attending today.  I collected some flat stones, painted them last night, then sealed them so the paint won’t come off. The hessian I purchased yesterday morning was cheap, I sewed it into bags to put the stones in.  I used a permanent fabric marker pen late last night to draw the lines on the outside of the bags.   Then tied them up with a draw string. The two of them loved the gift.  I also made ‘K’s’ card.  It just goes to show that you can give gifts that don’t cost much at all, and they mean more to people if handmade.

Earlier in the week a gift my Daughter gave to someone she looks after was a bunch of flowers I did up quickly for her out of our garden.  Flowers always makes peoples day.   Our Daughter is a caring girl, she suits her job caring for people that need assistance.

VW xmas 16 Aramoana (3)

I am not feeling Christmasy at all again this year. I am very unorganized and since working full time with my new job of 4 months I don’t seem to have much spare time for bigger projects or to do too much extra things as I get home late each night.  I am very grateful and happy that I have a job now that I like, feel worthwhile and work with nice people.

 We haven’t go anything planned to do on Christmas Day 😦    I feel a bit sad with having no family around at all anymore.  I will try to get in the Christmas spirit a little bit this week. 🙂

I hope you like the photos of my crafty project yesterday and my car, taken today..I love it.   Also a photo of our Beetle with the roof off in Nelson at Easter time.


Have a good week.





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