Happy New Year from New Zealand


Happy New Year to you all.

2017 has to be a better one for us, the last few years have been a little hard with lots of unpleasant things happening.  I know this year will be better for us.
I went to bed at 11:30 pm last night and didn’t stay up for the clock striking 12pm :P, I’m an old granny.  I was too tired as I had run 5 kms in the morning at 8am at The Park Run, then an hour later I went on a big 3.5 hour tramp with a few friends from my harriers club.   It was a awesome walk, my Brother Steven came along too.
Below is a photo of me from last Saturday’s Park Run.


The photos below are from our tramp/hike off road walk yesterday. It was misty and windy on top of the mountain.





We have been away all day today at the Waikouaiti Races with a few people from our VW club.  Colin and I bet on a couple of the horse races but that was it, I like going more for the fact of getting away from Dunedin, no housework to do or chores at home.  Just sitting around and having a picnic / bbq lunch with good company.

It is a  full day as we left early this morning.  It is funny how you can get a little tired, even though we were mostly sitting around in our outdoor chairs.
We took my friend A — with us, she is lonely and lives by herself.  Her Husband died around 3 years ago.  She is 84, I met her years ago at a group we both attend.  She has Coeliac Disease like me.  
She has two sons but they are not around Dunedin  to take her any where, especially at Christmas time.  She is a neat friend and a special lady with a super sense of humour.


My favourite 8 year old was there also with his Mum and Dad, he made me go on the Ferris Wheel with him for the 2nd year in the row!  And again, I was shitting myself when we had to stop at the top to let people off.  The Ferris Wheel is the same one that my Sister and Brother and I went on years ago when we were kiddies.  It is so rickity and rusty and made awful noises.  My young friend thought it was hilarious that I was squealing again and holding on for dear life. My heart rate got up and my hands were sweating 🙂
 Next year I am going to make Colin go on with him, ha ha.  
Late tomorrow I am going on another run/slow jog with a group, My Brother and a friend are also coming along.  I may be the last one though as I believe it starts with a fairly big off road hill/mountain…eeek, what have I got myself in for.  🙂
Happy new year everyone, best wishes 

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