SUMMER = Rain, wind and cold ???

It is a Sunday late afternoon, the rain hasn’t stopped falling since early this morning, there are puddles everywhere.  It is also very windy 😦 

I can’t speak for all of New Zealand but down South, here in Dunedin we have NOT had a summer yet.  It is so so disappointing.  Everyone I talk to feels ripped off.  Last year was also not the flashest summer either.  The forecasters predicted that this year was going to be a wonderful hot summer, they got something wrong  

We have had a couple of warmer and sunny days, but on the whole it has been terrible.  Oh I hate being stuck inside on my days off work.  I am suppose to be training for a big off road walking event coming up in two weeks time eeek.  I entered it after a friend gave me a free entry that he won.  It is worth $150 to enter, therefore great chance for me to enter.  I have been doing a bit of tramping walking rather than my usual walking on the road.  I have also been running through tracks on a Monday night with a few Harrier members and other like minded people.  

A photo of Bailey below, taken the other night….’It’s a dog’s life’ 🙂 


I have really enjoyed it, although my knees are sore, especially when going down hill.  I ran years ago and had to give up after 7 years because of my sore knees.  I then took up walking.  I still love walking and I think I am better at that (not the hills though) than running.  I am nearly always the last runner on a Monday night, but the group don’t mind, we have moments of rests and they are great encouragement.  My Brother has also been coming along, so I see him more now.  

Waipiata 2016

He fell over heavily last Saturday, so is out of action at the moment. He ended up with a black eye, grazing on his knees, gravel in his hands under the skin and cracked ribs.  He is still very sore.  He tripped on a lace on his shoes.  Blood everywhere. .  Poor buggar.  Rest is the only thing he can do to mend a suspected broken/cracked rib.

The photo taken below was prior to Christmas when it was a slightly warmer day = teeshirt and shorts.   Myself with Turbo the cat, and Bailey in front of my VW


I am getting a little nervous about my walk/challenge/event.  It is in two weeks time, near Invercargill.  The event is not a race, a lot of people pull out and not finish as it is tough. They get airlifted out by helicopter with a $200 fee. 😦  Some of the walking is vertical,  the chap that gave me the entry said he has done it once, but didn’t want to do it again.  And he is a great long distance runner/walker. 😛  I am stubborn and unless I get injured I plan on trying my best to go as far as possible, and fingers crossed I will be aiming to complete it.  It starts at midnight, walking not stop up a massive hill for around 6 hours, then down hill, along the beach, tracks, bridges for 62kms.  I have never done night walking with a head lamp.   Someone said it will take me around 16 hours??  

I feel better now as I talked to another friend this morning about what to expect.  He is a believer and stubborn like me and reckons I can finish it.  I will give it my best shock if my body holds up.  

Yesterday after a small run, I got home to Colin trying to make our shed we have started building prior to Christmas.  The weather keeps putting a hold on it. It looks pretty cute so far.  I have added a photo and also a photo of some poppies I took on a recent VW Club drive out of town.  

The shed so far..


I will add a finished photo in a few weeks when it is completed.  🙂

Have a good week



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