This morning at 8 30am my Brother Steven and I did a Mountain Walking Race.  It is called The Three Peaks and is bascially 11kms of straight up a mountain on an off road track.

The day was great, no wind, no rain, sunny, but not too hot. The views are beautiful over Dunedin City.

Steven is a runner and has just joined my Harriers Club. I talked him in to walking this event with me this year.  It is my third time doing it and Steven’s first time.  It is a tough event.   Steven was quicker than me on the hills, I was dragging the chain a bit, but I was faster on the flat and downhill.  I think his years of being in the Army and doing their training for hours running and walking with full  uniforms on, boots and heavy back packs helped him on the hills. He was stronger than me.

We complemented each other well, I normally do most races by myself, so it was nice to have company, to yap and have a laugh along the way..

We started off at the front and stayed there.  We are not sure of our times yet as they haven’t been posted, but I was the 1st Female to finish, same as last year.  Steven was 2nd Male, there was only one Walker in front of us.   We couldn’t see any other Walkers for miles when looking back, so we are both chuffed with our results.  

We also ran part the way down to the start line, so possibly did around 16 kms today.

It was great to see the impressive runners and other competitors.

Steven and I have another big event coming up in two weeks time, an off-road Running event,  lately I have been doing a little bit of jogging, I’m slow but always determined not to let things beat me and all I want is to cross the finish line.  I am a little scared though, as there are more hills and it is 18.5kms long…eeek what have I done. 😛

At least today was good practice for this upcoming event.  I also did a 10 km walk with my Club yesterday.  

I think Steven now appreciates what the Walkers do and that it is still tough for us and not just a ‘walk in the park’ and we are out there longer than the Runners doing it hard.


Along the way Steven said Mum (up there in heaven) would be proud of us….and I think she would.  So would our Sissy in Aussie.. Love you Brenda xx

Steven and I took a selfie after the event when we had a coffee in a cafe, it was funny, we looked terrible and I spilt my coffee all over his leg and mine when laughing.   I will still post it below though. 


I hope we aren’t going to be too sore tomorrow.  🙂

I’m finishing this post off with a nice photo of a Staffy I found on Mr Google, it is very cute.

Have a good week coming everyone.  Not long until Easter….  = chocolate. 🙂



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