I hope you all had a nice Easter, I didn’t pig out too much on chocolate.   I have been running (jogging) a bit lately so have run off what I did eat. 🙂

I’ve had a bit of a holiday this Easter weekend, yawwwn.

Just as well, as I think I needed the two days extra that I had away from work. It is the first time in almost 8 months since I started my new office job that I have had any time off.  We have been short staffed for four weeks as one of the girls was away sick.  I was also at the same time trying to teach a new girl the job, it has been tiring.

I asked for Thursday and today, Tuesday off work.  It has given me six days off in a row.  🙂

The Easter weekend has been a bit of a cold, wet one.  We didn’t go away out of town or really far from home, but it was still great to know that I didn’t have to go to work for a few days. 

Today I made a basket from flax (harakeke).  Flax weaving is very therapeutic.  I have only made small bags (keke) and some flowers (puti- puti)  and a small four-sided basket in the past.  I have never made one this big.  It was fun, I wove a different top on this basket, a straight one.

Many years ago the Maori in New Zealand used Flax to make a variety of items, they use to cultivate the plants for many uses.  These included ropes, fishing lines and nets, bags, baskets, plates, mats and clothing amongst many other things.   

I am pleased with the way it turned out, it will open up a bit when it drys and also will lose it’s lovely green colour.  It should still look good and will be quite strong.  I think I might put an indoor plant in a pot inside it? or maybe use it to hold toilet rolls, ha ha.

Flax basket (2)

Flax basket

These two photos below were taken tonight of our old cat Sasha.  He was actually my Sister Brenda’s cat, but has been living on our little farm for many years now.  He is a nice natured old boy. Sasha is becoming a little muddled lately and is getting skinny/boney in his old age, but he still eats a lot.  Over the last 6 months he has become addicted to Cat Milk.  Every time we open the fridge he finds the energy to run fast and meow for some.  I often give in to him as he is a senior puddy cat now so he is spoilt. 

Sasha is getting a bit of dementia, he often just stands there staring into mid air or looks at himself in the reflection of our stainless steel oven and thinks it is another cat.  He gets very muddled.  He is a cute cat.  

I’m finishing this post with a photo of some earings made out of the handles of old fashioned cutlery.  

Geez, I wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow, I would be quite happy staying home with the animals and doing my knitting. 😛

Sasha 18-4-17 (2)

Sasha 18-4-17 (3)



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