Today I went to my art class and started a piece of mosaic art with broken tiles, then I attended a pottery class.  I was taught how to make a pinch pot, it now needs to be fired in the kilm.  I then had a go on the potter’s wheel.  That was a bit of fun and a disaster all in one.

I attempted to throw a bowl, it started off well after receiving instructions on my first attempt. I centered it well on the potter’s wheel, I was getting a good height on it and thinning out the sides.  All of a sudden I did something to the inside base with my thumb. 😦  It all turned to custard after that.  My clay got the wobbles, then the sides came of the base.  Drat, that was the end of that.  It was fun getting messy and feeling the clay and watching it change from just a gentle push/squeezing with my hands.  I will have another go at sometime soon. I must remember it was my first attempt.

The reason I was at Art Class today is because I am out of work …again!  I had to give up my office job a week ago as the owners (Husband and Wife) are not nice to their employees.  I put up with the constant negativeness and ripping off the workers, including myself.  Even down to simple stuff like the Wife (names omitted) not even speaking to us office girls in the mornings.  7 people have left in the 10 months I have been there, the last office girl left a day after me, she managed 8 weeks, the one prior to her 1 & 1/2 weeks.

The Wife is a bully, a nasty lady. We worked very hard and we  (all  the people that have left) loved the job, the work, the other staff. Such a shame.  And I, like the others need the money, for the mortgage and to live etc, but I had enough of the Wife’s bullying.  It is a buggar in New Zealand if you lose your job or have no work when you are married, as you get no help from the government, no unemployment benefit at all.  Colin isn’t on a big wage, so I need to get work. 😦

The Wife had me in tears just over a week ago because of a simple error, she made a fool of me yelling  in front of the other workers, as usual.  I decided that night was the final straw.  I have never, ever walked out of a job, especially without giving notice.  I was adamant that I won’t be treated with her ways and moodiness any more, especially when I know I am a good hard worker and a nice person who doesn’t deserve it.  Niether did I like the put downs of the others in the office and workplace.  

The most important thing is I have reported them, so it is noted and hopefully may change things so others don’t get treated like shit. I have my doubts though.  I HATE bullies.  I miss my work colleagues there and the work.  Wouldn’t you think they would get the message why people leave?  It is very hard to say , your wife is a B**** to the Husband without getting a back lash.  I was just so happy to finally get an office job 10 months ago…and to get back on track with money etc after Colin was sick and out of work for so long.  I knew the place was not a good atmosphere  from day 1 but I tried to shut it out.

So now, I am desperate to get a happy job/workplace, actually just any job and money would be good in the short term.  There is not much about in Dunedin.  I have applied for 6 jobs online but 4 of them, I really don’t even expect an interview.  The other 2 are only 20 hours a week, when I have been doing and getting paid for 40. But I figger than some money is better than no money. Fingers crossed something promising happens for me soon. I do enjoy office work, but will do anything.  I am finding it difficult to remember what day it is, let alone the date with not having any direction and focus on day to day working life.  My parents always brought us kids (adults) up to be hard workers, like they were.

On a positive note at least I made the most of Art Class today as I had to give it up when I started working full time, 10 months ago.

Today in Dunedin it was so so cold, we had a few snow flurries. The ‘Lions’ rugby team are playing our mighty ‘Highlanders’ tonight at our under-cover stadium in town.  There is lots of people, supporters in town.  The atmosphere and buzz will be good for Dunedin.  Hope they all wrap up warm tonight.

I have been doing lots of running (jogging) with my Harriers Club and at a Saturday morning early run for a while now.  I am a plodder and will never be a speedster but I enjoy the challenge.  I still love walking and have entered a few walking events/races with my club but I have been enjoying the aspect of trying new things and pushing myself to run a bit. I have enjoyed meeting new people and it has been nice that my Brother has joined my Club too this year and I see him a lot more now.  We ran 10 or so kms last Friday night and plan on doing the same this Friday coming.  He is looking out for a job for me too. 

Bye for now, keep warm if you are experiencing winter in your country, and enjoy the sunny days if you are living on the other side of the world.   

Regards  Donna  🙂


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