Hi all, firstly apologies for no blog post for a while.   I have still been trying to find a good job, although I have been doing the odd few hours of cleaning in the meantime.  Hours are only a few, and I have to sometimes go out 3 x times a day to the odd 1hr cleaning job…and work at night for the odd hour job also.  The petrol in my car is costing a fortune, not to mention disrupting my whole day and night with minimal money coming in.  I was use to (and needed) receiving 40 hours pay, now I am only getting 10 to 14 hours a week on minimum wage.  I have applied for over 35 jobs now and also have rung lots of business’s and also gone in to some.

I came close to getting a nice Cafe job in a little suburb, a lovely vintage looking Cafe that does high teas and uses vintage china tea cups and plates etc for their customers.  It was between two of us, the Manager ended up taking the young girl that already has Barista experience.  I understand where she is coming from, but I was still disappointed.  I will keep on trying though.

On a happier note, I have been trying to build up my running/training for a couple of events, one being a half marathon in 5 or so weeks.  Also I have competed in a couple of Walking events with my Harriers Club recently.  

One was a 10 km race last Saturday, it is a great popular event that is handicapped. I received a huge handicap again of 16 minutes (drat), it is horrible having to wait that long after the first walker leaves on zero minutes.   There was no way I could reach the front ones, although I tried and ended up being the Fastest Female time and also 2nd Fastest overall.  There is no certificate or anything for that though.   I was second last to leave the start line and a ‘race’ walker left behind me. He is so fast and in a different league.   The idea of the handicaps is to give everyone a chance of winning the event, I think this is ideal for all and in good fair spirits.  But sometimes the Handicapper (I hate that word, but that is what they are called) gets it a little wrong, I think myself and the other young 17 year old Race walker behind me were given handicaps a little too large.  

The idea is everyone should be coming up to the finish line at a similar time, that is if the handicaps are worked out correctly.  They were a little off, but I don’t really care, as I did a good time overall for me for the 10 kms and I am happy as I tried my best as I do, and I finished upright.  I loved the event on a nice day. I was chuffed the lady that won is recovering from a brain tumour, she so deserves it and is a good wee walker.  The win and trophy will give her a boost. 🙂

Yesterday I marshaled at a Running Road Race down the Peninsula, it was so damn cold, the Marshall’s were there for over 3 hours in high winds and bitter coldness.  I loved seeing the runners and my Club did well, but I froze and couldn’t wait to get home.   I want to run the event next year.

This coming weekend is another Running and Walking Road Race from Clyde to Alexandra in Central Otago.  My Athletics Club goes up every year, it is a big day out, getting home on the bus quite late at night.  I will walk it this year, it’s 10 kms, but next year I want to run it.  It will be a fun club day out.  Also in 5 weeks time I am competing in a Half Marathon, 21 kms of Running (yes not walking this year).  I have trying to pick up a few training runs in preparation as it has been around 15 years since I run one.  And I am a lot older now a days.  Think I might be a tad faster, (although still a plodder :P) than years ago when I did it.

I have trying to fit these little training runs in between the hour long cleaning jobs and applying for jobs.

Colin and our Daughter are full of the nasty flu/cough going around.  I have never seen them so sick, it is awful.  The coughing affects the whole household too, not sleeping etc.  All they can do is try to sit it out, drink fluids, rest etc and wait for it to buggar off.  It is going around Dunedin really badly at the moment….I don’t want it.

Today I feel happy, although tired now zzzzz.  I got lots achieved around home.  It has been so wet this winter and hard to get outside.

This morning I:

  • went for a 12 km run with my Brother Steven , doing road and off road running and hills
  • washed Colin’s and my car
  • did heaps of washing
  • pulled a few weeds out the garden
  • then tackled cleaning the guttering on the house, I have only done half the house, climbing high up the ladder.


We have been a bit slack, the guttering should be cleaned out prior to winter, every year, but hasn’t been done for about 2 years. You can imagine the sludge in there.  Yuck.  Hard standing on a ladder and holding your arms up trying to get your hands into a narrow space.   At least I have started it, half done 🙂  Colin had a 2 hour sleep while I started it as he is so knackered with this flu.

While I was up the ladder I noticed lots of eggs under a plant in front of the house.  We have one chicken (hen ) that wanders around the paddocks every day, we clip her wing but she still gets out of the coop somehow everyday.   We now know where she lays her eggs.  I thought our dogs must be finding them and eating them as they love the eggs, and it makes their coats so shiny.


Couldn’t believe it.   Colin laid them out on the driveway.   We gave the two top eggs to the dogs to eat, I think there is around 36 of them.  We all found it funny.   Such a waste though.  At least now we know where to look daily.   We left one marked egg still there in the same place so she still lays there and hopefully not a new place.




Last, but not least, I will add a few pics of my first woodworking project I made.  Out of recycled timber we had.  A crate for our potatoes to live in in our pantry/scullery.  I painted it mint green and even did an old vintage look stencil on it.  I reworked some skateboard wheels onto the bottom of it too rather than castors.  Apart from not been able to tighten all the gaps/screws etc properly, it turns out ok for my first attempt.  




Bye for now.   Donna





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