Today I have finally managed to sew a skirt with some vintage fabric I had been hoarding for a lonnnnnnng time.   I hope I haven’t made it too short.   It hides ma knees :P so should be good enough to wear to work tomorrow with some nice comfy black leather sandals and maybe a black cardie. I took a photo up close of the fabric to show you how pretty it is.

My new skirt

My new skirt

Yesterday I went with a few friends down to Port Chalmers way for a pretty good walk, I think it was around 10 kms although it felt like more due to plenty of hills.  It was lovely walking around different suburbs, peering it peoples pretty …or messy gardens as we pounded the pavements.  

There were about 15 of us, including only 3 men.   The hills were good as I have put my name down for a walking and running race down South next Saturday, I have done it once before, it was a challenge. It takes about two hours to drive there.  It is called The Papatowai Challenge.

 It is 16.5 kms long with  many different terrains: beach, bush, farm land, hills (or mountains as I recall) and gravel, then road to the finish line.  I hope I make it, what have I done putting my name down!.  

We do have to push ourselves though and have goals in life.   I remember last time, two years ago when I did it, I said ‘never again’…it nearly killed me going up one of the huge hills.   But here I am again…I should have pulled a finger out and did a bit more practicing.  I just ran out of time, excuse the pun.    The goal will be to cross that finish line, upright  :)   And when you are a Walker, there is strictly NO running, otherwise people get disqualified. …and fair enough.

Afterwards we went to a nice cafe at Port and sat under a semi enclosed pergola over our heads as the rain drops became heavier.  There was plenty of coffee to be sipped, lots of chatter and some even got a cake or too.  I  shouted myself a Gluten Free almond crescent.  My friend got one too, I am sure they were two weeks old and crumblier than normal G F baking.   My friend made an error and didn’t realise it was G Free.   We still ate them, so not to waste our money but they were disgusting…ha ha.   The coffee, company and setting was A+ 

Pretty vintage fabric, up close

Pretty vintage fabric, up close

I also picked up one of my favourite magazines ‘Frankie’ from the local bookshop on the way home, I think it will be bed early tonight for a read.  Shame this Australian Magazine is only out every two months.  It is well worth the 12 bucks.  :)




It has to be done, the heading of this post in the beautiful blue I like a lot, I also like it mixed with greens, orange, pink and reds.

I love the bohemian/vintage/gypsy look, both in clothes and interiors.

I love the chair

I love the chair

My house is certainly not tidy at all as I am a collector and have way too much stuff, I do need to have a bit of a spring clean out.



I could see myself living in some of these rooms, I love the bright colours and light rooms, but also would love some of these darker bedrooms on a cold winters night, reading a book all tucked up nice and warm in bed.    


Probably most of these cluttered rooms would suit someone living on their own.   Some have a lot going on in the rooms and a lot of things, but I still love them alot. Some how I don’t think Colin would, too girly :(















I have made another book box for Colin’s Sisters Birthday.  I found this vintage Girls Annual Book months ago, I thought that could be a pressie for Sandra one day.


We know her as Sandra, but her friends call her Sandy or Sandie.

I haven’t heard yet if she likes it, I had to courier it up to where she lives in Wanaka, Central Otago.

I also made some lollie cake inside for a little treat.  Sandra is two or three years older than Colin, she is the oldest and only girl amongst 5 children.  

Gee I hope she likes it as not everyone has the same taste as me.  They are handy little boxes though and good to recycle an old book that is falling to bits or has destroyed pages inside.   I also use the good pages to make my own envelopes.

A little peek inside the box

A little peek inside the box

The inside of the box, with a special handwritten message, then sealed to last forever.

The inside of the box, with a special handwritten message, then sealed to last forever.

Last but not least, a photo of some of my hearts and crosses I collect, hanging on the wall.

Last but not least, a photo of some of my hearts and crosses I collect, hanging on the wall.





This morning I went on a bigger walk than usual.  I added an extra bit onto my usual 730 am walk starting in town, up High Street, through the suburb of Roslyn, along the upmarket suburb of Highgate, down the very steep Warrender Street, and then all the way back through the main street of town to my car parked at the Oval…blah blah blah.

I haven’t measured the distance yet in kms, but will soon enough.  It took me 1 hour and 40 mins, in the drizzle!.

The rest of the day turned out ok, weather wise, but now since tea time it is peeing down, non stop.   It is probably nothing compared with the poor people of Australia.  My Sister lives in Brisbane, near the Gold Coast, apparently they have been hit hard with a cyclone/storm.  I have heard through my niece that she is ok.

Late this afternoon I spotted a Giant Puff Ball in my garden.  It is around 30 cm in diameter and still growing.  We had 3 of them a couple of years ago.   I took a photo of it to show you.

Huge puff ball

Huge puff ball

Colin is feeling a little sick today, but he still wanted to cook his usual Saturday night’s tea…yummy ‘Honey and Soy Chicken’ with cashew nuts and rice.   Very tasty….and Gluten Free of course.  The young girl will have to have her tea at 930 pm-ish when she gets home from work.  It is not ideal,  that is split shifts working morning and nights are a pain in the bum, and tiring.

We are so proud of the young lass, she does find it hard to get out of bed, but she never lets anyone down, especially the oldies she helps out.  She has low iron at the moment, that wouldn’t help being overtired.   The pills she has just got from the Doctors will help.  It is sometimes part of having Coeliac Disease.  She really is a good kid, and has really surprised us with her good work ethics and caring nature towards others.  She loves the fact that most of her clients have animals too, another one of her loves in life. 

I am presently making some Puti Puti (flowers) from the Flax in my garden.  It is fun weaving flax, I am surprised I have remembered how to do them as I was re-taught how to make them prior to Christmas.   I want to have a big vase of them, they would look super.

The start of my flax weaving, before the rain began tonight.

The start of my flax weaving, before the rain began tonight.

I have picked up another lamp shade this morning at the Salvation Army store, = only  $2 bucks, it is going to be revamped.

Right!, that is long enough on the computer, it must be time for a coffee. :)

Hopefully this lamp shade will change from an ugly duckling to a pretty swan.  ;)

Hopefully this lamp shade will change from an ugly duckling to a pretty swan. ;)



Last Friday night there was an accident at the end of our street.  It happened 5 mins before Colin turned in to the street on his way home from work.  It could have so easily of been him.


We had the radio on listening to the Talk Back Station as TV was so boring.  Even though it was two paddocks down on the corner of our street and a main road we never heard anything.  We heard about it on the news on the radio. Hearing that made our hearts sink.  It is not far from where Colin was almost killed when that horse was on the road and he hit it at 80kms.

Our new one year old doggie, coming for a walk with me to give the flowers

Our new one year old doggie, coming for a walk with me to give the flowers

We heard one occupant in one of the cars had died at the scene, and the other one died on Saturday in Dunedin Hospital.  We felt sick about it all night and weekend.

 They were a Korean couple that had been working and living in Dunedin.  They had been to Tunnel Beach (a tourist spot) and pulled out of the road either without looking or not seeing the vehicle coming up the main road :(   It is an 80km speed limit.   That person was unhurt, but both vehicles were catapolted into my neighbours paddock down a ditch, taking out the Give Way sign.   

The roads were cordoned off for hours, our Daughter couldn’t get home at 9 pm from her caregiving job.  

It is so so sad, there are still not a lot of details about it as Next of Kin / Family live in Korea and had to be told first.

For that reason, I took our new doggy, one we rescued from the SPCA down to the accident scene about an hour ago (more about her later).

 I tied a big bunch of roses onto the new Give Way sign.

It was the least we could do for their family not being here.


Our heart and thoughts go out to them, it must be so hard when dreadful things like this happen when people are not in their own country.





A lovely day in Dunedin today = 22 degrees.  I met my friend after work today for a great 2 hour hilly walk.  We admired lots of houses and gardens along the way, avoided a few stray dogs, hid from the sun under some shady trees…and most importantly we had fun and yapped.    Walking is great for the mind, body and soul.  

I love this picture below, it reminds us of our British Bulldog we had , the lovely ‘Rock’.   R I P 

I love this picture our Daughter found on google

I love this picture our Daughter found on google



I’m so happy = :)  :)  :)   I have been wanting to do a night class / course at the Otago Polytechnic for a couple of years.   

I booked in for a whole term that started tonight , hee hee I am a student…an old one!

On my way into town/Polytech , not far from home  overlooking the beautiful St Clair Beach.

On my way into town/Polytech , not far from home overlooking the beautiful St Clair Beach.

I am going to Art School for a whole term :P.

Athough I do already attend an art class and I do jewelry, this Monday night class is to learn Jewelry too,  but it is with a Polytechnic Tutor with a degree in Jewelry making and I will learn new and different stuff.   My Tutor is lovely.

The course is quite expensive therefore I want to learn as much as my small brain will allow :)

Inside the building = very styley

Inside the building = very styley

I am starting with another silver ring, but this time it is going to be a square band rather than a flat band.  I have already used a roller press machine thingy tonight and have the ring started.  :)  



My Motto is …you are never too old to learn new things in life.  

My classroom / workshop.  You can tell I am excited can't you, ...taking sneaky photos

My classroom / workshop. You can tell I am excited can’t you, …taking sneaky photos


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