Today in Dunedin it has been colder than the last few days we have had.  Lots of horrible wind too.  

Colin and I have been trying to find time to put the rings on our lambs tails and the boys balls😛  Also to shear around their dirty bums, apply drench and clip their nails.


We got it done, yay, all we need to do now is get the specialist shearer in now to do the rest of their shearing of wool , we better get him booked in in the next week or so.  When we have had hot days recently, the ewes have been hot.  I guess it would be like us wearing a woollen or fur coat on a hot day.  Summer is officially here at the end of this week, although today it feels like winter again.


I think I may have a big bruise on my knee tomorrow as one of the triplets (the black and white one) kicked me by accident when I was cuddling him . 

I hope you all achieved what you wanted to this weekend as well.

I have added a recent couple of photos of our naughty torty cat, Colina.  She was looking too cute not to  get a photo sitting on top of the bird bath I did mosiac on the top and painted pink last year.  

Also is a bunch of flowers we picked from our garden for our Daughter to take to one of the people she does caregiving for, it is always nice to brighten someones day up when they are needing a boost or unwell.   Flowers are always so lovely to receive.

Have a good week.





Hi all, geez I don’t get much time at all these days to do a blog.  Now that I am working full time, there is little time to do too much.  I have been trying to do a little more walking etc as I am sitting all day now at my office job.   In the weekend I had plenty of exercise🙂  

I am a Walker now, when I was younger I use to run for about 7 years.  I stopped as it got boring running by myself.  I run two half marathons before I turned 40.  That was my goal… to run 21 kms without stopping before I turned the big 40.  I did it, twice, when I was 38, then 39.

After a few more years of slow running….I am a ‘plodder’ I started walking , then joined my Harriers Athletics Club.  That was about 8 years ago, it was probably the best thing I have done.  To motivate myself and push myself more, to improve, to enter the odd race and meet new people.

Last year I decided I needed to focus on a new goal..to do a full marathon = 42 kms.  I have always wished to do one, and to do it before I turn 50, I knew I couldn’t run it, therefore it had to be a walk or tramp, off road event.

This was new to me, not walking on roads.  I had done lots of races and events and achieved a few placings, but always on the road.  I found out the ‘Motatapu’ Off Road event thru the mountains from Wanaka to Arrowtown was on on my birthday in March.  I started training , walking longer distances and hills out in the bush here in Dunedin.  

I did it, on my birthday, it was the best way to spend a birthday turning 49.  It took me just over 6 hours of walking as fast as I could, walking thru the most beautiful scenery you could imagine, going as high as 900 metres above sea level.  I walked on gravel, mud, rocks, gravel,long grass,tussocks, thru rivers, up massive hills, all things out of my comfort zone.  I really pushed myself, it was hard, but I loved every minute of it.  Some of the river crossings towards the end were up to my thighs.  Such a great feeling crossing that finish line, where Colin was waiting for me.

Lately I have been on three tramping walks with a chap from my Club and a few others.  I have been wanting to do some different longer off road walks that are a little harder than pounding the pavements.  On Saturday we did a 5 hour trek/tramp seeing some beautiful sights of Dunedin in places I never knew existed.  And also lately I have been doing a little bit of running again.  Yes, I will never be fast, but I am giving it a go, I run the Park Run early most Saturday mornings at 8am, it is only 5kms but hard in places.  

Tonight I went for a run = 8.6kms through Ross Creek with a few others from my Harriers Club and Dunedin people.  Steven , my Bro is recovering from an injury. I invited him along.  He did well and everyone was so friendly to him.  He really enjoyed it, we were both sweating like pigs when we finished.  We decide to take a selfie at the end of it, looking tired.

We will have to do it again, maybe next Monday night.😛

Last week I had a nice chat on the phone to my wee Sister in Aussie. It was great talking to her, something we hardly do.  So Brenda if you are reading this post, you will have a laugh seeing the selfie of us too.   Love you xxx.



New Zealand has an extra days holiday today, Labour Day:

Fighting for the eight-hour working day

Labour Day commemorates the struggle for an eight-hour working day. New Zealand workers were among the first in the world to claim this right when, in 1840, the carpenter Samuel Parnell won an eight-hour day in Wellington. Labour Day was first celebrated in New Zealand on 28 October 1890, when several thousand trade union members and supporters attended parades in the main centres. Government employees were given the day off to attend the parades and many businesses closed for at least part of the day.

These days an eight hour day is normal.  It is so so nice to have the extra day of work and a holiday to celebrate Labour Day.


Late this afternoon I am going to try to attend a run with a few others through Ross Creek (through Native Bush and ferns etc).  I have attended three Monday nights now after work.  They cater for all levels of running, we run about 10 or so kms and have a couple of short stops along the way.  I would be one of the slowest but for me, running that far is a big achievement.


On Saturday I run my usual 5km Park Run, this week was the 22nd of October, therefore we could run in a Tutu (22).  It was fun, I wore a blue tutu.  Then after that I met up with 4 of my club members to do a off road walk/tramp straight after.  It was great, we walked up to about 800 metres above sea level, and did around 20 kms, it took us 5 hours as some of it was hard and steep. Great company and views and lots of sweating.😛


This weekend has been quite physical for me = yawwwwn, I’m getting old😛

Colin is making a raised garden for our vegetables.  He is using Maracarpa timber, it smells beautiful.  He is making a good job and it will save our backs bending over in our old age, ha ha.

This morning I took a photo or too of our cherry blossom trees just coming out up our driveway. They are very pretty.  The dogs and the cat , Sasha followed me.🙂


I am so looking forward to warmer weather and summer.  

Dunedin parkrun 22.10.16 - Tutu run

I have a ulcer in my mouth at the moment that is blimmin sore, I want to go out to a chemist/pharmacy to buy something to help the pain but most of the shops will be closed today.  Will get something tomorrow. 

Happy week ahead   …Donna

Dunedin parkrun 22.10.16 - Tutu run







I spent last weekend transferring some plants into a new garden by our clothes line.  Finally I completed something that I have wanted to do all winter.  I thought summer is coming therefore I better hurry up and break up some Astelia plants I wanted to move.

We decided to make a small patch of lawn near the clothes line into a low maintenance garden with low plants and ground covers.  The bit of lawn is a pain to mow with the hand mower.  Most of our lawns gets done on our ride-on mower, it takes an hour to do.  Then the small patch takes an extra 30 mins.  Well, no longer as I had the plan to convert it, to save us time and to look better.

I came home from work tonight after a busy week at work = yawwwwn and find that half of them have been pulled out and chewed and played with😦   Just as well Chevy and Bailey are cute.  

Blimmin dogs, I was angry for a while until they sucked up to me being all cute.  Buggar, I have more work to do again, replanting.  I wonder when they will out grow the puppy stage.  

We saw our Niece, Gina last weekend, she came down from the North Island where she has been living for a couple of years now.  It was nice to spend a couple of hours with her.  

Tomorrow I have my small 5 km run that I do most Saturday mornings at 8am, then meet up with my Harrier’s friends at 1pm for a walk.  Then Sunday I am volunteering at The Hospice.  No lie in for me this weekend on my days off. Maybe next weekend I can.  

I like this poem below:

The Naughty Little Puppy
She's lucky she is cute!
All day long she's chewing things.
I've yelled so much I'm mute, 
still she's chasing kids on bikes.
She's lucky she is cute!

She chewed my favorite boot 
The first night on Christmas eve.
She even pooped on route
To our home that fateful night. 
She's lucky she is cute!

My daughter's in cahoot
With this naughty little dog.
They yell and bark and hoot.
She feeds her from the table!
They're lucky they are cute!

The leash works to recruit
The children to her side, but
Her training's in dispute.
Surely guidance is required.
She's lucky she is cute!

Oh that naughty little puppy...
She's lucky she is cute!



Wow, it has been sooooo busy these last few weeks. I can feel myself getting older every day.😛  Here are a few photos I have taken over the last two weeks to show you what has been happening.


Our first lot of lambs were finally born last Saturday, we have five in total now.  These adorable triplets were born first, their Mum is feeding them all and taking care of them. 


This is one of our favourite ewes, she is getting old now.  She always comes up close to the fence so we can rub her curly head.  She is an Arapawa Island breed sheep, they shed a lot of their own wool.  We call her ‘The Neck’ , as she has a really long one.🙂  

Our beehive has been added to, the bees are making lots of honey for us. Another hive box was put on top.  We will soon be having a look inside the hive, our beekeeper who is looking after our hive is going to bring some suits up soon for us to have a glimpse, we can’t wait.  Colin has started a two day course learning about bees, he is finding it really interesting.


This is one of the new Street Art walls in Dunedin City, it is pretty cool. One day soon I will go for a walk around town to view it all.  There are some very talented artists around.


Yes, my Karmann Ghia is finished =🙂    This is a couple of sneak previews of it being put back together.  I have a post to come on my car to share with you soon. Carpet samples are on the bonnet, yes I did pick the green one.



 And my Harriers Athletic’s Club season finished last weekend.  :(   We will still all catch up and do some summer walks together.  I received a couple of certificates at the Prizegiving last week with ten different awards on them for races.  It was probably my best achievement this season since joining the club 6 or so years ago.

  Most of the time we just do social walks though on Saturdays, but I do love pushing myself in races.  The photo of me above is when I was knackered in a recent race – the Cadbury Half Marathon.  This was the end of my walking as fast as I could, 21.1 kms later, in 2 hours, 40 mins.  I was 4th female over the line and 7th overall.  I was the first Walker in from my Athletics Club.  I was happy with my effort on the day. 

Tomorrow night after work I am meeting three friends for dinner, it will be nice to catch up with them as I haven’t seen them for a long time. I hope the restaurant has a couple of different Gluten Free options🙂

I think I need to go to bed early tonight for a change…yaaaaawwn




Geez it is so windy today and cold.  I have been busy already and it is only midday.   I woke up with a rotten head cold yesterday and sore throat and feel a little lousy.  I still got out of bed early and made Colin breakfast in bed for Father’s Day, as our Daughter is at work.  Then I mowed the lawns, they took so much longer due to the state they were in and not being done for weeks over winter.  Then I picked up some cow poo from the paddocks for my friend, Tom’s compost heap.  Man it is heavy in the sacks I collected for him.  Our two cows were playing games with me and running around and trying to eat the sacks.  Little shits.  

Time to thaw out inside and have a coffee.  Our Daughter should be home soon to give her Dad a gift I know she has got for him.  

Yesterday Colin went to a Bee Keeping course for the afternoon, to learn more about bees and us having a hive.  He said it was really interesting. They have the second part of the course in a couple of weeks, that will be the practical side of it.  Our bees haven’t been coming out much lately due to the cold.   They are wise.🙂

Yesterday while Colin was at the course I went to Harriers.  We had to take another plate of food for afternoon tea.  Lots of people take sweet cakes and really unhealthy stuff…people love it and gobble it up but I decided to make a healthy option, I made energy balls.  And I made them Gluten Free as I always miss out.  Sometimes if we have an afternoon tea I take fruit.   Last weeks sandwiches were a favourite, not everyone likes sweet food and prefer savoury.  Oh I still hate having Coeliac Disease. 

My Brother came as a visitor for the first time to my Club, he went for a run in the wind with the Medium Pack of runners.  He enjoyed it and managed ok, he pulled his hip out this week, so took it easier.  

He wants to join my Athletics Club, maybe next year.  He is Coeliac too, so I grabbed  him two of my Date and Citrus energy balls to eat before they were all gone.  I must say they were tasty.  I managed to take a photo before I left home.  


Below is a photo of Turbo, our adopted cat, taken recently.  He is so big & heavy now…and so cute.


This photo is a hat I found on a website, I really would like to buy one or get a pattern to knit it.


Have a good week everyone,D



Hi all, what a busy weekend, yesterday I had our Harrier’s Athletics Club Saturday afternoon walk, we walked a lot of hills, and through the Dunedin Botanical Gardens.  I think we walked around ten kms.  It was a warm winters day.  We then catered for another Harriers Club for afternoon tea. We all had to bring a plate of food. I made a huge plate of ham and egg sandwiches.  By the time us Walkers returned they were gone :O   I was told they tasted nice.

This time I didn’t want to watch everyone eat yummy afternoon tea, so I made myself two special sandwiches and took them along all wrapped up with my name on them.  I found some lovely Gluten Free bread at the supermarket in the morning, it is Tumeric bread. It is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Paleo.  It’s very soft, tasty and such a pretty bright colour.  I was relieved so see they were still on the table …no one had touched them.  Another Club member who also has Coeliac Disease was standing there feeling out of sorts watching everyone eat, so I did the right thing and offered him one.  He was very very happy and appreciated my gesture.  His was gobbled up before I unwrapped my one😛  It was a good day, I was given a surprise cup/trophy at the afternoon tea also for my ‘out of town race’ a couple of weeks ago. Normally the whole club goes up to Alexandra and does a 10km walk or run.  Only a few went this year. 

I was the only Walker who attended.  The same lad I gave a GF sandwich too won a cup for the 1st  member from our club to be finished , for running it.   And I got a cup for being the 1st Walker from our club to finish.  Funny I was the only Walker that went up, but I was still so so chuffed and surprised.  And excited as I didn’t know that a Walkers Club even existed for this event. I was gobsmacked.🙂

Then today I did a Fun run and walk, my Brother did the 10km run, and I entered the 5km walk.  I did my two laps, finished and then supported my Brother and run one of his final four laps with him.  He was tired, but did well as he has had the flu.  This fun event today is in preparation for a Half and Full Marathon that is coming up in two weeks time.  It is run annually by my club.  Last year Colin and I marshaled for it in the cold.  I decided two weeks ago to walk it this year = 21kms.  Steven is going to run it.   I haven’t had much time to practice with my new job and working longer hours.  I will have to try to find time, somehow in the next couple of weeks.

The good part of today, apart from the practise was that I was the 1st Walker home, by a long long way to the 2nd person. I was shocked.  No times are taken and no names as it is a practise and fun event, but I am still very happy .  ;) It was nice to see my Brother too as we have been out of contact for a couple of years.  

I took a photo of some of us walking yesterday and my sandwiches as they looked so pretty.  I think I will be in bed early tonight. 




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