Yay, I am off to the The Hospice tomorrow to volunteer, I have been looking forward to it all week.  I can’t wait to chat to the paitents.

My friend who is 81 now lives nearby, so I will call in and say hi to her after I finish my duties before heading home.   

Today we had the opening day at my Harriers Athletics Club and the first walk of the season.   We had a big turn out, it was good to see that the rain stayed away until we arrived back at the club after our hilly walk.  There was a few new faces to be seen there and lots of children joining :)

The girl I jointly won the Women’s Cup at Prizegiving on the last day of club  last year gave it to me today after shining the silver up nicely.  I let her have it for the first 6 months, now I have it to admire for the next 6 months.  It is a biggie and beautiful cup, I came home with a smile on my dile with it.  I took a photo of it to show you all.

It's the biggie in the middle of my other two from last year :)

It’s the biggie in the middle of my other two from last year :)

I think it will be an early night to bed tonight, maybe 11 pm as I have to get up early in the morning.

The cricket Final game is on late tomorrow afternoon – go the Black Caps!  We play against the mighty Aussies.   Of course, everyone in NZ is hoping we win.   Either way, the New Zealand team has done extremely well already.  I guess a lot of Kiwis will be watching the TV (the ‘idiot box’ as my father used to call it). :)



I have walked to work today, so am home a little later home than normal.   I will leave my housework until later as I am going to jump in the car and go to The Farmers Store to support the people that are brave enough to shave their hair off today in support of the Fundraiser for Blood Cancer. 
As you know Colin, my Husband was diagnosed with an aggressive, uncommon type of Leukemia out of the blue.  He is still on chemotherapy pills that are knocking him about a bit.  But he is so far in remission, and we are very very thankful.  I am off to give $20 towards the fundraiser. 

Shave for a Cure is LBC’s annual fundraising event, in which thousands of kiwis pledge to shave their heads in exchange for donations from family and friends. The funds raised through Shave are vital to fund LBC’s service supporting the 6 New Zealanders diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition every day. 

The funds raised through the sale of the t-shirts help LBC continue to fund their services supporting patients and families living with a blood cancer – leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma, or a related blood condition.   


If you wish to purchase a tee-shirt or donate, click on the link below:





Well done to our New Zealand cricket team on their win last night against the awesome team of South Africa.

 :) Super, duper…. We did it.  We are off to Aussie.




Hi, waking up to a cooler sunday morning with a little more drizzle after last nights down pour of rain, I decided to make Colin breakfast in bed :)  

We don’t normally sleep in and were surprised to see 8am on the clock, we must have needed it.

We have a long weekend and an extra day off work tomorrow to celebrate Otago Anniversary.  For my overseas followers this means only the people of the Otago Region have a holiday and the rest of NZ have their special day to celebrate their city and region at another time.

Autumn seems to be here now, well and truly.  There was buggar all  sun today or me wearing my shorts.

Yesterday, after my usual Saturday early morning hill city walk I went to meet a few friends at the Museum to view Dunedin’s famous Artist – Ralph Hotere’s personal collection of ceramics that he had collected over the years.

The exhibition is on for a month, but yesterday was the Opening we were lucky enough to have his friend, Barry Brickell a ceramicist there giving the presentation.  He spoke of his friend, Ralph, how he helped him make his first kiln down at Port Chalmers where they both lived.  Barry was very funny talking about the man and the time they connected through their art.  

This is the brochure we were given at the Opening

This is the brochure we were given at the Opening, note the whisky bottle on the table  along with a milk bottle and smokes.

Ralph sometimes swapped his paintings with ceramicists for their works.  The collection is really amazing.  He had a lot of pieces from Barry, Richard Parker, Trevor Lewis, Michael Trumic and many more.   One of Michael’s pieces is an astray, something that is seldom used inside a house these days.   Most people smoke outside now.  

Ralph Hotere spent many hours with these artists, becoming good friends, he collected many of their pieces for personal reasons.  He admired them greatly.   An exhibition worth seeing.


 Last night I painted a little more of my skull union jack painting…it is just about finished.  I just want to put some words around the outside of the piece – something like ‘life is too short, smile while you still have all ya teeth!’.    Some thing humorous like that would be good. 


For some reason even though I am a true ‘kiwi’ I love the union jack flag and the stars & stripes flag also.  Crosses, skulls and hearts are also favourites that I use in my pieces that I make.

In the background is another piece of art I am working on. 

This afternoon I went and saw my friend Tom as he hasn’t been well, I was a little worried about him.  He is the fittest person you would meet for a 70 year old.   I think he appreciated my surprise visit and seems to be on the mend.

Tomorrow I am hoping that we may get a little break and rest and go for a drive, not anywhere too far.  Maybe a drive down to Port Chalmers, where the famous Ralph Hotere use to reside. :) 

I know there are a few second hand shops down there ha ha.

Another quote I like is:


Have a nice night :)





Wow wee, it has been a full on weekend and week prior.   

I have just got home my my Polytechnic class, I am on to making my 3rd silver ring..  I love it…and wish I could go again next term, but it is too expensive and was a treat to do  the course this term.  I still have 3 or 4 lessons left :)

I had a birthday on Thursday and was spoilt by Colin and the young lass.  She even made me a Gluten Free Chocolate Cake, I was very chuffed.  She made a good job of it, it was tasty.  No one has ever made me a Gluten Free cake.  We all shared it, me eating the most.

She also brought me two charms for my silver charm bracelet as I don’t have many many on it.

 I received a beautiful Art Glass Murano vase, in beautiful red.  I spied it weeks ago at a new Vintage Homeware Shop near the Airport.   It is huge and heavy.

We also went out to the same Italian Restaurant that we took Colin to on his 50th Birthday.  We had Gluten Free pasta, it was very tasty.  

Lucky me

Lucky me

Yesterday we went on a day trip to Moeraki with our VW club, sorry to say the Beetle was not warranted and had no rego, so we took the mighty green Holden Stationwagon.   And yes, we received plenty of gib for it NOT being a VW!  I drove it on the way home after Colin had a beer with his lunch at the Moeraki Tavern.  It was a great turnout of our club members.  The drive was nice on the way home.


Overlooking the beautiful Karitane on the way there to Moeraki

Overlooking the beautiful Karitane on the way there to Moeraki

Me and my favourite VW guru, the famous Ken,  Dunedin's top VW mechanic.  Outside the pub in front of our Holden.  A goofy shot of me, but a delightful surprise when Ken photo bombed my photo :)  And the kiss and hug was nice.

Me and my favourite VW guru, the famous Ken, Dunedin’s top VW mechanic. Outside the pub in front of our Holden. A goofy shot of me, but a delightful surprise when Ken photo bombed my photo :) And the kiss and hug was nice.

Oh yes I forgot to say, I did the big walk on Saturday in extreme conditions.  I know why they call it the Papatowai Challenge..  = 15.5kms walked or run over different terrains. Bush, then a head on gale force wind on the 4km beach part, then up a steep climb through paddocks and bush, onto a even steeper gravel road to the top, then down a massively steep slippery and muddy gravel road onto the main road.  

I walked most of it with a chap from Dunedin who took down there in his car.  He was even more buggared than me going up the hills, so I waited on him and encouraged him to keep going.  In the end we did the last 3kms faster, with a lot of hard work.  Man alive, the drizzle was then coming down, but we made it upright over that finish line. :)

I was so surprised and chuffed afterwards at the prize giving to hear that I got 3rd place for the females out of 99 female walkers, and either 7th or 8th overall out of 140 walkers (both men and woman).

 My time was 2 hrs and 5 mins.  I won a box of chocolates, ha ha, yum.    David was pretty pleased with his efforts too. There was a great turnout from my Harriers Club that entered :)   Go Dunedin :) The views down the Catlins is very scenic.   There is  significant native forest and species of trees and a rugged coastline.  Tourists to New Zealand love it, also Moeraki is beautiful and a favourite place of ours.

Yes, I am a little tired and have sore bum cheeks ha ha.  It is 930pm now = I need an early night to catch up and gain some more energy for work :P

Bye for now. xxx

Another quote I like

Another quote I like



One day I would love to buy a piece of Shane Hansen’s art.  I love his work.   Shane likes strong, clean lines.  His creations spring from a world of bold colours and optimistic clarity, a pop-art invitation to a feel-good New Zealand celebration.  

Shane Hansen

Shane Hansen

In some of Shane’s works he is fusing his own Maori heritage and strong sense of family.  He studied art at high school but began his professional life as a fashion designer.

blob (1)

 Then he trained as a graphic designer, eventually combining the two disciplines.

blob (6)

On Shane’s own walls in his family home is paintings from his Grandfather and Great-Grandfather, both of Danish origin, and his Mother’s side of the family is a mixture of Chinese and Maori.  

One day I hope to  buy a piece of his art, I do have one of his tea towels :P  I wouldn’t dare use it though to dry the dishes.

Another New Zealand Artist I love is Dick Frizzell and his son Otis’s work.  And the super famous Ralph Hotere, the Dunedin Artist.

We do own two pieces of Dick’s work, we brought one of his prints a few years ago and had it framed by the studio and the other one recently – Mickey to Tiki.

blob (5)

blob (7)

blob (2)

blob (4)

I want this lamp too

I want this lamp too

He even designs greeting cards

He even designs greeting cards

blob (9)




Today I have finally managed to sew a skirt with some vintage fabric I had been hoarding for a lonnnnnnng time.   I hope I haven’t made it too short.   It hides ma knees :P so should be good enough to wear to work tomorrow with some nice comfy black leather sandals and maybe a black cardie. I took a photo up close of the fabric to show you how pretty it is.

My new skirt

My new skirt

Yesterday I went with a few friends down to Port Chalmers way for a pretty good walk, I think it was around 10 kms although it felt like more due to plenty of hills.  It was lovely walking around different suburbs, peering it peoples pretty …or messy gardens as we pounded the pavements.  

There were about 15 of us, including only 3 men.   The hills were good as I have put my name down for a walking and running race down South next Saturday, I have done it once before, it was a challenge. It takes about two hours to drive there.  It is called The Papatowai Challenge.

 It is 16.5 kms long with  many different terrains: beach, bush, farm land, hills (or mountains as I recall) and gravel, then road to the finish line.  I hope I make it, what have I done putting my name down!.  

We do have to push ourselves though and have goals in life.   I remember last time, two years ago when I did it, I said ‘never again’…it nearly killed me going up one of the huge hills.   But here I am again…I should have pulled a finger out and did a bit more practicing.  I just ran out of time, excuse the pun.    The goal will be to cross that finish line, upright  :)   And when you are a Walker, there is strictly NO running, otherwise people get disqualified. …and fair enough.

Afterwards we went to a nice cafe at Port and sat under a semi enclosed pergola over our heads as the rain drops became heavier.  There was plenty of coffee to be sipped, lots of chatter and some even got a cake or too.  I  shouted myself a Gluten Free almond crescent.  My friend got one too, I am sure they were two weeks old and crumblier than normal G F baking.   My friend made an error and didn’t realise it was G Free.   We still ate them, so not to waste our money but they were disgusting…ha ha.   The coffee, company and setting was A+ 

Pretty vintage fabric, up close

Pretty vintage fabric, up close

I also picked up one of my favourite magazines ‘Frankie’ from the local bookshop on the way home, I think it will be bed early tonight for a read.  Shame this Australian Magazine is only out every two months.  It is well worth the 12 bucks.  :)


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