Brrr, it is blimmin cold.  Snow is forecast for the lower South Island.  We had a few sprinkles this afternoon, it has settled a bit in Queenstown. Apparently overnight we are due for a big dump of it :(

Colin and I went on a road trip today to Lawrence, a small township an hour out of Dunedin.  We went with 11 members of our Volkswagon Car Club.  Colin and I organized this club run, the first out of town event we have arranged.  I am sure if the weather was not so bitterly cold, wet and windy, we would have had a lot more attendees coming.

Anyway we met and set out at 11am this morning, arriving home at 4pm.   We met another VW lover in Lawrence about 6 months ago.  He told us to bring our club up sometime to have a look around his Vintage Machinery and Car Club he belongs too.  

We stopped at a warm Cafe first for lunch, called the Wild Walnut.  Great service there :) , we then made our way around to the club.  

It was super, they made us feel very welcome, even apologizing for the weather :P  We saw neat old cars, tractors, collections of bottles, valve radios, tvs, newspapers, telephones-  all sorts of things.  It was fascinating.     We all want to go back sometime to have another look… on a warmer day though.

A good day out, even though Colin and I felt like our toes and paws were going to fall off due to the coldness.  

We may not get to work tomorrow, depending on the overnight weather….Right I am going back towards our wood fire to warm up my paws again.  Have a good night. 




Wow, I can’t believe our Daughter is 21 years old today, 21 on the 21st of May :)   It doesn’t seem that long ago that I gave birth to her.  She is such a nice, quiet and caring girl that has never given us any grief.  She doesn’t want a 21st Birthday Party, so the three of us are going out for tea together tonight.  

I will be picking up a Gluten Free Chocolate Mud Cake for her from a local Specialty Cake Shop on the way home from work.  

I have been working on a special gift for her for a couple of weeks now, it is finished with a day or two spare…more about that later on.

There is nothing in this world which could compare with the beauty of our Daughter.

There is no other in the world as sweet as she is.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest most beautiful Daughter any parents could ever have asked for.  We are so so proud of you.

Love  Mum and Dad xxx




Our heart goes out to poor terrified people in Nepal.  It is just so unfair for Nepal to have to go through this again. 

We offer them our sympathy, thoughts, good wishes and above all our prayers.  xx Donna





Today my Daughter is working a split shift, I never saw her this morning before I got out of bed, and then she will have to work again tonight :(   I should see her at some stage in the middle of the afternoon.  She does really well working these split shifts almost daily to gain enough hours work / wages…I couldn’t do it, it would be so tiring.

I can’t believe our girl is almost 21 years old in a couple of weeks time.  She is a quiet girl with a very caring nature and is a ‘perfect’ example of a caregiver.  Her oldest and most favourite client she cares for is still living in her own home.  She is 104 years old = impressive :)

I hope the young lass and I spend many, many more years together as Mother and Daughter :) 

For those of you celebrating the day without your Mother like Colin and I, my thoughts are with you all.

I am off soon to the Cemetary with some flowers for Mummy Dearest and also Colin has given her one of his FULL bottles of beer to place with her flowers… ha ha, Mum will like that. 

Then I am meeting up with my Aunty on my real Father’s side and two of my Cousins.  They invited me to St Clair for a coffee and a bite to eat.  I am not so sure we will get in to one of the three restaurants there on the Esplanade, being Mother’s Day as they haven’t booked in :(   I will soon find out.

Have a great day

xxx Donna




Tomorrow after work I am going to donate blood in town.  I will make sure that I eat something sweet before I go and my trusty apple prior, to get my sugar levels up.

Last time I donated years ago now, I fainted, so I don’t want that happening.

I have been wanting to donate blood again for about 4 years, I have been a blood donor since I was 16 years old.  I had to stop for a while as I wasn’t well enough to donate and also my iron levels were too low.   Also because I had my large bowel taken out and also two other bowel operations I couldn’t donate.

I am keeping my fingers crossed they will try me tomorrow and I will pass the tests prior to giving.  :)

Please think about donating blood, you never know who’s life you may save or you or your family may need blood one day.

With Colin receiving over 100 blood products while getting his chemotherapy in hospital, I am ever so eager now to give back.
Fingers crossed for me, I will be very happy if I can begin again, and don’t fall out of the chair :P

Finishing on another happy note, it is nice to hear that the new Royal baby has Diana in her name, and Charlotte is such a sweet name too :)



I love my one and only favourite Sister – Brenda (Buggalugs) xxxx

Her and I are below, a photo taken a couple of Christmas’s ago.

Brenda and I




With a little advice and help from another blogger (thanks Sartenada)  I can now add some photos on to my posts, via flicka, yay. 

Below is the photo I was going to add the other day for Anzac Day, a field of poppies.  I love this picture I stole off Mr Google :)

Today I left work early to attend a funeral of a fellow workmate, Richard.  He had a brain tumour and was receiving treatment.  To my shock I read in Saturday’s newspaper  that he died on Friday.  Poor Richard, he was doing so well too.  It put a damper on the long weekend off work.   I can’t really take it in.   Life is just not fair sometimes.

The funeral was pretty low key, probably the way Richard would have wanted it.  

He was a good workmate and one of life’s true gentleman.  :) R.I.P



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