‘Make today so awesome, yesterday gets jealous’



After at hard day at work, …..actually a terrible day at work today, I thought I would cheer myself up by playing a couple of songs I like.

I love the  History of the Maoris and I also love living in New Zealand, even though it is freezing cold today :)

I love this song, I thought I would share it with you.

The last one is sung by New Zealand’s (Christchurch) talented Hayley Westerna.

The song originates from the Maori troops when they were training for World War One.

The song was then modified to an action song about the courtship of Paraire Tomoana’s 1912 courtship of Kuini Raerena.  





My name is Donna and I am a Chocoholic!

Last night I must confess, I got up to my usual obsession and ate a king sized cake of chocolate while reading perched up in bed.

I was trying to be good lately and cut down a bit but had the urge….to pig out.

Tomorrow I better do a good walk after work with my friend to work off the calories.

It was a cold 4 degrees today,we woke up to snow.  It was a slow, scary trip driving to work at 7 15am.

Tomorrow, the forecast is for a sunny day with a high of 6 degrees, blimey!





It is a dark morning in Dunedin, I guess it is winter afterall.   It certainly makes these cold and dark mornings harder to get out of bed.

Last night my friend and I went for a 11 km walk, we pounded the streets of Dunedin including a couple of hills.   We were not too cold once we had our hats and gloves on alongwith our glow in the dark fluro vests.  

I had to work late again and all of the rest of this week while training a new staff member at work.   I had 10 mins to get changed after work yesterday and then to drive to our meeting destination.   I don’t mind working the extra hours if I am given some notice but it does tend to muck things up at home, my routine and preparing meals etc when I don’t get a lot of notice.

Work is very mucky at the moment, one of my Colleagues is causing a bit of grief and uneasy feelings/vibes with the staff and Company in general.  It is very difficult to keep your mind straight and do your job well when all of this is going on.   ‘One foot in front of the other’ …

I have the Dentist again today, I’m afraid I have to get more teeth pulled out soon, I have no choice but to go with the flow.  I am not looking forward to it.  Today is just in preparation.  I think I will put it off as long as I can.  :P   Mostly not because I am a baby, but because of the costs they charge.  I think I might have to rob a bank to pay for it all.



Yesterday afternoon in extremely cold and wet conditions my Harrier’s Club tackled a Cross Country Event near a local beach.  

It was so so cold, muddy, windy, rainy, we also had hail while doing the event.   

It was also very, very fun to enter and complete two circuits of the course.  I think it was around 4.5 kms overall.  The children went first, they were all runners while the Adults stood around cheering them on and trying to shelter while we waited out turn shivering.   

Off we all went, Runners at the front and Walkers behind.  It was a great turnout from our club.  A young fast runner in front of me slipped over and fell splat on  the grass within 2 metres of the start line..  I just about arsed over trying to dodge him :P.  

We walked on gravel, greasy muddy grass, over sand dunes, up and down hills, over a bog with broken wooden pallets as our walkway, then thru massive puddles and quicksand and mud.  So so fun.  It was around the location of the Waldronville Speedway for car racing.

We were all relieved to finish, due to the wind etc, the fun part was trying to stay upright in the gusts of wind, and squealing through the ponds of brown water. ….Well I squealed anyway for the fun of it. :)

The worst part (and Yes I can certainly see the funny side of it) was on the first lap, I slipped on the muddy grass and went flying forward and fell flat on my face.   My woolen hat came down to my chin as I lifted myself up and off the ground I couldn’t see a blimmin thing :).   I was right near two Marshalls, thank goodness they didn’t have a camera.   It was NOT an elegant fall. 

I was with the front pack of Walkers, I picked myself up and was determined not to let it stuff me up in the head or put me off. I ignored my sore knee and scuffed nose. 


Some of our super runners above in this photo

In my delight….I ploughed on and came in and over the finish line knackered in 3rd place… :)  It was fun to feel delighted to get there after a bad start and to see my legs and shoes and everyone else’s with mud all over them :)   My friend that I walk with on Tuesday nights did it for the first time.   She did well too.  We all did.


I’m the one in the black above  :)

Tomorrow night our Club is holding a fundraiser event = a Quiz night at a local Pub.   We are in teams of 6 and have to come up with a Team Name.   I like ‘Let’s get Quizzical’ or ‘Mixed bag of Nuts’.  Should be fun.

Have a good night or day everyone where ever you may be in the world.

And to my wee Sister – Buggalugs…I will email you soon ok Lugs. xxx








Hi all, I haven’t had any spare time these last couple of weeks due to working extra hours at work and also helping out at my Harriers Athletics Club and Dentist etc again.

I think I have put off doing a post as I can’t seem to get any photos on again, I like to add a couple of shots or pictures or things that I like, dislike, have been up to, our animals, cars or otherwise.  It frustrates me when I can’t do computer stuff.

I managed to put one lot on previously via Flickr with help from another blogger, now they won’t go on, I must be doing something wrong?

Anyway, I’ve decided to write a little bit anyway.  I may work it out before the end of this blurb.   Work is very very busy, it is chaotic to say the least :(  The days are flying, but there is not enough time to complete my work, we are getting further and further behind.   It is extremely frustrating as I have asked Management for help in my Department, it falls on deaf ears.   It doesn’t help that my colleague is ringing in sick all the time and is lazy. He has rung in again the last couple of days, I know he is just taking a ‘sickie’.  He is selfish and not a Team Player.   What can I do?  He retires at the end of the year, his heart has not been in the job for a long time and his willingness to do the job is almost non existent.  My Brother, Sister and I were brought up to respect the fact that we had a job and be greatful, also to be hard workers and earn our wages. I find it so draining working alongside someone like that and doing 3/4 of the work, having to bite my tongue.  He is a negative person.  Nevermind, I will keep working hard and doing the right thing, I know things will improve with new blood, someone that wants to be working :)

On a happier note, I took my elderly friend out the weekend before last after I volunteered at the Hospice.  We went to a lovely health orientated Cafe in town, she loved it.  We chatted and  watched the people go by.   The Cafe is near the University, therefore lots of students were walking past.  We enjoyed viewing what they were wearing and the young one’s fashion.  My wee (little) friend (she is a little dot) is 80 years old.  She has a great personality and sense of humour.  She is Coeliac too.  I made her day, taking her out, therefore it made me smile too.

I have just got the photos working, yay, with Colin’s help.  My photos I was trying to add were locked..I unlocked the photos and made them public, so now they went on. :)  The first photos I have added are in my folder I created called “shit I make” ha ha  :).

The cupboard below was actually made by Colin for our Daughter when she was 5 or 6 years old.  I liked the previously blue colours, with the yellow but she saw the cupboard recently in storage and wanted it re-vamped and toned down into pink shades.   So I did it a couple of months ago for her…sanding and painting.   She wants to display her dolls that she collects in it, she also has made a few dolls too.   A photo is below.  

Oh well, yaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwn, hi to Gina and Brenda, oh and I must not forget my friend in Denmark, Beata.xxx










‘Shit a brick’, last night we had an earthquake, it gives you such a fright and makes you think about all the poor people in Nepal and Christchurch residents.

It was 4.7 but felt really strong as it was a shallow one, it was at 1130pm last night when I was just about to turn the light off after reading.  Our bedroom is upstairs in our house and I swear the whole room was moving from side to side. The crystal chandelier was swinging and shaking too. 

Downstairs Colin said everything was shaking and moving.  Thank goodness it stopped.   They are so scary.

Geez, I am tired, but I am off to work with a ‘smile on my dile’ now.



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