SUMMER = Rain, wind and cold ???

It is a Sunday late afternoon, the rain hasn’t stopped falling since early this morning, there are puddles everywhere.  It is also very windy 😦 

I can’t speak for all of New Zealand but down South, here in Dunedin we have NOT had a summer yet.  It is so so disappointing.  Everyone I talk to feels ripped off.  Last year was also not the flashest summer either.  The forecasters predicted that this year was going to be a wonderful hot summer, they got something wrong  

We have had a couple of warmer and sunny days, but on the whole it has been terrible.  Oh I hate being stuck inside on my days off work.  I am suppose to be training for a big off road walking event coming up in two weeks time eeek.  I entered it after a friend gave me a free entry that he won.  It is worth $150 to enter, therefore great chance for me to enter.  I have been doing a bit of tramping walking rather than my usual walking on the road.  I have also been running through tracks on a Monday night with a few Harrier members and other like minded people.  

A photo of Bailey below, taken the other night….’It’s a dog’s life’ 🙂 


I have really enjoyed it, although my knees are sore, especially when going down hill.  I ran years ago and had to give up after 7 years because of my sore knees.  I then took up walking.  I still love walking and I think I am better at that (not the hills though) than running.  I am nearly always the last runner on a Monday night, but the group don’t mind, we have moments of rests and they are great encouragement.  My Brother has also been coming along, so I see him more now.  

Waipiata 2016

He fell over heavily last Saturday, so is out of action at the moment. He ended up with a black eye, grazing on his knees, gravel in his hands under the skin and cracked ribs.  He is still very sore.  He tripped on a lace on his shoes.  Blood everywhere. .  Poor buggar.  Rest is the only thing he can do to mend a suspected broken/cracked rib.

The photo taken below was prior to Christmas when it was a slightly warmer day = teeshirt and shorts.   Myself with Turbo the cat, and Bailey in front of my VW


I am getting a little nervous about my walk/challenge/event.  It is in two weeks time, near Invercargill.  The event is not a race, a lot of people pull out and not finish as it is tough. They get airlifted out by helicopter with a $200 fee. 😦  Some of the walking is vertical,  the chap that gave me the entry said he has done it once, but didn’t want to do it again.  And he is a great long distance runner/walker. 😛  I am stubborn and unless I get injured I plan on trying my best to go as far as possible, and fingers crossed I will be aiming to complete it.  It starts at midnight, walking not stop up a massive hill for around 6 hours, then down hill, along the beach, tracks, bridges for 62kms.  I have never done night walking with a head lamp.   Someone said it will take me around 16 hours??  

I feel better now as I talked to another friend this morning about what to expect.  He is a believer and stubborn like me and reckons I can finish it.  I will give it my best shock if my body holds up.  

Yesterday after a small run, I got home to Colin trying to make our shed we have started building prior to Christmas.  The weather keeps putting a hold on it. It looks pretty cute so far.  I have added a photo and also a photo of some poppies I took on a recent VW Club drive out of town.  

The shed so far..


I will add a finished photo in a few weeks when it is completed.  🙂

Have a good week


Happy New Year from New Zealand


Happy New Year to you all.

2017 has to be a better one for us, the last few years have been a little hard with lots of unpleasant things happening.  I know this year will be better for us.
I went to bed at 11:30 pm last night and didn’t stay up for the clock striking 12pm :P, I’m an old granny.  I was too tired as I had run 5 kms in the morning at 8am at The Park Run, then an hour later I went on a big 3.5 hour tramp with a few friends from my harriers club.   It was a awesome walk, my Brother Steven came along too.
Below is a photo of me from last Saturday’s Park Run.


The photos below are from our tramp/hike off road walk yesterday. It was misty and windy on top of the mountain.





We have been away all day today at the Waikouaiti Races with a few people from our VW club.  Colin and I bet on a couple of the horse races but that was it, I like going more for the fact of getting away from Dunedin, no housework to do or chores at home.  Just sitting around and having a picnic / bbq lunch with good company.

It is a  full day as we left early this morning.  It is funny how you can get a little tired, even though we were mostly sitting around in our outdoor chairs.
We took my friend A — with us, she is lonely and lives by herself.  Her Husband died around 3 years ago.  She is 84, I met her years ago at a group we both attend.  She has Coeliac Disease like me.  
She has two sons but they are not around Dunedin  to take her any where, especially at Christmas time.  She is a neat friend and a special lady with a super sense of humour.


My favourite 8 year old was there also with his Mum and Dad, he made me go on the Ferris Wheel with him for the 2nd year in the row!  And again, I was shitting myself when we had to stop at the top to let people off.  The Ferris Wheel is the same one that my Sister and Brother and I went on years ago when we were kiddies.  It is so rickity and rusty and made awful noises.  My young friend thought it was hilarious that I was squealing again and holding on for dear life. My heart rate got up and my hands were sweating 🙂
 Next year I am going to make Colin go on with him, ha ha.  
Late tomorrow I am going on another run/slow jog with a group, My Brother and a friend are also coming along.  I may be the last one though as I believe it starts with a fairly big off road hill/mountain…eeek, what have I got myself in for.  🙂
Happy new year everyone, best wishes 



Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2017.

Christmas time is kind of sad for me these last few years.  It is not that I hate it, and really I am not the Christmas Grinch.  It is just not the same since my parents have died and there is not many family members around anymore.  

I feel the same on my Birthday too.  This year Colin has one Brother less after he died of cancer a few months ago.  A special mention and kind thoughts & best wishes to all of the people out there that are on their own, without their loved ones, either overseas or in heaven and the Elderly who feel lonely on Christmas Day.   Also the poor people or those that are sick.

I am ever so grateful to have my Husband and Daughter around me today and always.  I am so very lucky.


We didn’t have a Christmas lunch today, instead we took strawberries and cherries out to Taieri Mouth beach , 15 kms from where we live.  It was a little sunnier than at home.  The reason for the trip was to take our two dogs with us for a well earned treat.  They were in their element and loved it.  We sat for an hour or so afterwards with a thermos flask and had a cup of coffee. 


Then is was home time, back to the chilly wind (yes IT IS suppose to be summer).  We cooked pizzas for tea, actually our Daughter made them and Colin cooked them outside in our Pizza Oven.  The Gluten Free ones were yummy.  

Time for the Kiwi Pavlova soon and chocolate 🙂

Tomorrow morning (Boxing Day) I will be walking over to the cemetery to visit my Mum and Dad, I have already picked the flowers for Mum.  It will be about a 12 km walk.   I hope we get a warm, sunny day.  


Best Wishes from New Zealand, especially to my family and friends overseas xx




Today we had our Car Club’s Christmas Party just out of Dunedin.  We have been in the Volkwagen Club for quite a few years now.  It was nice to catch up with everyone, especially my young mate (one of the member’s Sons).  He is my favourite and it seems I am his = 🙂

VW xmas 16 Aramoana (10)

VW xmas 16 Aramoana (8)

We were a little late arriving as I volunteered at The Hospice this morning, Colin picked me up afterwards in my Karman Ghia.


Lunch was nice, I made three salads last night so I could eat something Gluten Free.  It is hard having Coeliac Disease when there is an event on especially if it is a shared meal.

My special friend had me colouring in with him, playing cards then having a go on the swings.  I like that saying ‘ you are never too old’.

I made my friend ‘K’ a ‘noughts and crosses’ game yesterday, also his Cousin one as well as I knew she would be attending today.  I collected some flat stones, painted them last night, then sealed them so the paint won’t come off. The hessian I purchased yesterday morning was cheap, I sewed it into bags to put the stones in.  I used a permanent fabric marker pen late last night to draw the lines on the outside of the bags.   Then tied them up with a draw string. The two of them loved the gift.  I also made ‘K’s’ card.  It just goes to show that you can give gifts that don’t cost much at all, and they mean more to people if handmade.

Earlier in the week a gift my Daughter gave to someone she looks after was a bunch of flowers I did up quickly for her out of our garden.  Flowers always makes peoples day.   Our Daughter is a caring girl, she suits her job caring for people that need assistance.

VW xmas 16 Aramoana (3)

I am not feeling Christmasy at all again this year. I am very unorganized and since working full time with my new job of 4 months I don’t seem to have much spare time for bigger projects or to do too much extra things as I get home late each night.  I am very grateful and happy that I have a job now that I like, feel worthwhile and work with nice people.

 We haven’t go anything planned to do on Christmas Day 😦    I feel a bit sad with having no family around at all anymore.  I will try to get in the Christmas spirit a little bit this week. 🙂

I hope you like the photos of my crafty project yesterday and my car, taken today..I love it.   Also a photo of our Beetle with the roof off in Nelson at Easter time.


Have a good week.






“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day”



Today in Dunedin it has been colder than the last few days we have had.  Lots of horrible wind too.  

Colin and I have been trying to find time to put the rings on our lambs tails and the boys balls 😛  Also to shear around their dirty bums, apply drench and clip their nails.


We got it done, yay, all we need to do now is get the specialist shearer in now to do the rest of their shearing of wool , we better get him booked in in the next week or so.  When we have had hot days recently, the ewes have been hot.  I guess it would be like us wearing a woollen or fur coat on a hot day.  Summer is officially here at the end of this week, although today it feels like winter again.


I think I may have a big bruise on my knee tomorrow as one of the triplets (the black and white one) kicked me by accident when I was cuddling him . 

I hope you all achieved what you wanted to this weekend as well.

I have added a recent couple of photos of our naughty torty cat, Colina.  She was looking too cute not to  get a photo sitting on top of the bird bath I did mosiac on the top and painted pink last year.  

Also is a bunch of flowers we picked from our garden for our Daughter to take to one of the people she does caregiving for, it is always nice to brighten someones day up when they are needing a boost or unwell.   Flowers are always so lovely to receive.

Have a good week.





Hi all, geez I don’t get much time at all these days to do a blog.  Now that I am working full time, there is little time to do too much.  I have been trying to do a little more walking etc as I am sitting all day now at my office job.   In the weekend I had plenty of exercise 🙂  

I am a Walker now, when I was younger I use to run for about 7 years.  I stopped as it got boring running by myself.  I run two half marathons before I turned 40.  That was my goal… to run 21 kms without stopping before I turned the big 40.  I did it, twice, when I was 38, then 39.

After a few more years of slow running….I am a ‘plodder’ I started walking , then joined my Harriers Athletics Club.  That was about 8 years ago, it was probably the best thing I have done.  To motivate myself and push myself more, to improve, to enter the odd race and meet new people.

Last year I decided I needed to focus on a new do a full marathon = 42 kms.  I have always wished to do one, and to do it before I turn 50, I knew I couldn’t run it, therefore it had to be a walk or tramp, off road event.

This was new to me, not walking on roads.  I had done lots of races and events and achieved a few placings, but always on the road.  I found out the ‘Motatapu’ Off Road event thru the mountains from Wanaka to Arrowtown was on on my birthday in March.  I started training , walking longer distances and hills out in the bush here in Dunedin.  

I did it, on my birthday, it was the best way to spend a birthday turning 49.  It took me just over 6 hours of walking as fast as I could, walking thru the most beautiful scenery you could imagine, going as high as 900 metres above sea level.  I walked on gravel, mud, rocks, gravel,long grass,tussocks, thru rivers, up massive hills, all things out of my comfort zone.  I really pushed myself, it was hard, but I loved every minute of it.  Some of the river crossings towards the end were up to my thighs.  Such a great feeling crossing that finish line, where Colin was waiting for me.

Lately I have been on three tramping walks with a chap from my Club and a few others.  I have been wanting to do some different longer off road walks that are a little harder than pounding the pavements.  On Saturday we did a 5 hour trek/tramp seeing some beautiful sights of Dunedin in places I never knew existed.  And also lately I have been doing a little bit of running again.  Yes, I will never be fast, but I am giving it a go, I run the Park Run early most Saturday mornings at 8am, it is only 5kms but hard in places.  

Tonight I went for a run = 8.6kms through Ross Creek with a few others from my Harriers Club and Dunedin people.  Steven , my Bro is recovering from an injury. I invited him along.  He did well and everyone was so friendly to him.  He really enjoyed it, we were both sweating like pigs when we finished.  We decide to take a selfie at the end of it, looking tired.

We will have to do it again, maybe next Monday night. 😛

Last week I had a nice chat on the phone to my wee Sister in Aussie. It was great talking to her, something we hardly do.  So Brenda if you are reading this post, you will have a laugh seeing the selfie of us too.   Love you xxx.

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