This is what I have finally got around to doing last weekend.  I brought the soft, fluffy fabric about three months ago to make our Daughter a PJ cape/dressing gown top thingie to keep her warm.  She has two shop ones already.  I made up my own pattern and sort of ‘winged it’.  I had some yellow vintage piping to put on the edge that my Mum gave me years ago. It matches well with the minty green.   I even sewed two vintage buttons on the front neck opening.  Our Daughter loves pastel colours and pretty vintage things at the moment, to my surprise, but pleasure.




The main thing, is that I have started and finished it, yay and that it worked and our Daughter is wearing it already, even though it is not winter now.

I was hoping to get a days work today, but no, it is not to be, this afternoon I will be going into town to Kmart as they want to see me again about some possible Christmas work in December.  I will see what happens. I have already been out in the garden for two hours pulling out weeds. 

I want you to see this parcel that came in todays mail.  A beautiful bunch of crystals and stones.  They are so unusual and pretty, the photo doesn’t do them justice.  I met a lovely friendly girl almost a year ago on a hilly walk I had done for the first time.  She had done it before.  She lives just out of Dunedin, she loves dogs,  has horses and loves walking too.  I have kept in touch with her via Facebook.

 I picked up a very different jacket that has horses printed on it.  I love it, even though I am scared of these creatures :) but it is slightly too big for me.  I offered it to this young lady I met, I posted it to her last week, on our understanding that she would only take it if she swapped for some crystals, lucky me.   I would rather give it to someone that loves horses than sell it.  She loves it as much as I love my pressie.



It also came with a lovely card, on one side as per the photo it says ‘ I am a Yes Person’ and on the other side is this verse:

If I dwell on what I don’t want, then I will get more of it.  I affirm only the good in life”

I will remember this lovely quote, and try to live by it, especially in my difficult situation at the moment.

Finishing with a couple of pictures I found on Mr Google, shoes that I think are great but wouldn’t ever be able to walk in them. :)






Geez things have changed over the years, or I am out of touch.DSCF5304 

(A  photo of me that my friend took at her house, I was happy to see her,  I look a tad tired though ).

I went to Kmart last night for a Group interview.  I am struggling to get any sort of job (permanent or otherwise) at this time of the year prior to Christmas. I am hoping to at least pick up a pre Christmas job. I received a phone call from Kmart where I had dropped my CV off and filled out an application form 3 weeks ago.  

We had to be there at 6pm last night, there were 12 of us.  We left after an hour and a half of doing Team Building exercises :(  The room was so hot, therefore I left with rosy cheeks.  It just seemed silly to me doing these things when we don’t even know if we have a job to work as a team ??   I think I may be in the ‘old school’ mode of Interviews being ‘one on one’ with the Employer like many years ago  :)

It is not that the three ladies were not nice, but I felt like a number and a young child/teenager.  It didn’t help that I was the oldest person there, most of them were High School and University Students.  I joked with them all saying I was old enough to be their Mother.  :P

Anyway at the end of the day, we are all there for the same thing, a job, some are looking for further or possible permanent work to come out of this, I am looking to work hard for them and gain some sort of income while trying to get another job.  We will be called in and will sometimes have to work until midnight if we are successful.  That is ok with me, I will just drink lots of coffee to keep awake. :)  We may hear something in a weeks time. Drat I wish I could just go to my old job,  I miss my old workmates too.

Person Holding Hire Me Sign in Crowd

The other night Colin, our Daughter and I went down to listen to Fleetwood Mac playing in Dunedin at the Stadium.  We only stayed an hour, as we didn’t want to get caught in the traffic when 35,000 people were trying to leave.

We have never done this before, but we sat on the grass over the road from the Stadium, and even had a big screen to peep at through a fence :).  The atmosphere was great, and the music was clear and good to listen too.  It was funny being with the 200 or so other ‘Dunedinites’ toe tapping in the cheap seats.



I think I will go outside and mow the lawns.  I am sick of scanning the computer for any possible jobs and applying.  I have tried my best over the last 3 weeks.  Maybe I should splash out and buy a Lotto ticket, then retire early if I win ha ha…I would give some cash to my Sister in Aussie to buy a house (only if I won big), then we would all have a trip to Bali and Malaysia, we would be able to afford to get my car finished, I would buy a Vespa and also a retro caravan.  Also I would buy our Daughter a house, and new car, and also donate some money to some good charities and become and volunteer full time…actually half time.  

Have a nice weekend






Today was an inside day, it was so lovely and warm yesterday, today is the complete opposite.  It is freezing cold,  a bit rainy and windy. We have the fire lit and it is suppose to be summer? What the heck is going on?

Tonight I still managed to do a 10 km walk with my friend, Janice. As I said yesterday I did a super long walk by myself, almost 3 hours of walking. I had just put my name down for a possible casual job in town, so went for a walk afterwards. 

I want to buy one of these hoodies:


I also love this hair style, I must try to do it on our Daughter’s beautiful long hair:


I love this stash of wool:


And this fabric too:


I will finish with these that I find humorous:





I was made redundant from my office job two weeks ago now, hence me not doing a post.  I have been trying so hard to get my head around the situation I am now in and not feeling like even going onto the computer let alone WordPress.

 My workplace basically did the dirty on me and shunted me out the way.  I won’t go into huge details, but they call it an ‘office restructure’, the ‘so called’ proposal was with me and everyone else for three weeks prior to that, therefore you will understand why I had been getting a fair bit of bad days at work.  It was hard going in there for those three weeks until it was made official, as I knew I was the one to go.  Not a nice place to be in, especially when there is no redundancy money in any of our contracts.  And not an ideal time to be laid off just before Christmas.  It will be hard to get a job prior to the end of the year. They are so mean the way they do things.
I have been made redundant three times now, all to do with restructuring, this is basically arse covering. 

My workmates in the office and the factory think I was shunted badly and are disgusted with the management,  I worked hard for them for 7.5 years.  There are three owners there, all working in the office, one of them never really liked me for some unknown reason.  He has given me a bit of crap over the years even though he knows I did a good job and was conscientious.  They are male chauvinists.  Colin is angry with them too.

 On my last day some of the office staff were crying with me when I left.  They have done this before to two previous office ladies, one of them being my friend that I still keep in touch with.

I will try to rise above them, and try my best to get another job, a better one that treats their employees as humans and not numbers. The trouble is when you are married you get no help what so ever from the government or any unemployment benefit.  Colin is not on a huge wage, and we still have bills and a mortgage to pay.  I feel a bit of pressure on me, although Colin tells me not to stress.  We will still trying to come right financially after he was in hospital for all of those months and no job for 11 months with Leukemia.  He is still on chemo meds, so doesn’t need this added worry and my workplace knew what we have been through and are still going through. How can people be so cruel, especially when the new Restructuring involves employing three new people in the office, creating new job roles for them as the company is getting bigger. 

The first week I went into 15 workplaces in town with my CV and dropping off application forms and asking to put my name down…for anything.
This past week I have applied for different jobs on line,  still waiting to hear back.  Hopefully I will obtain an interview, they are not ideal jobs, working nights, weekends, casual on call work or only a couple of days a week, but it may be something in the meantime until early next year when there may be new vacancies about.  

I did get an interview for an office job, that would have been great, I got to the short list between me and another lady.  It was nerve wracking going to two interviews, I haven’t done this sort of thing for years.   We had everything crossed – fingers, toes, legs, but was told yesterday I missed out.   Nevermind. Things will or HAVE to work out. 

On a happier note, I am volunteering at The Hospice again tomorrow morning, therefore I will be up early again.  This morning I was up early and went for a two hour walk by myself.  That was good :)

I am finishing my long post by sharing a couple of good quotes with you and two cute puppy photos I found on the net.  :)








Oh dear, it has been a hard three weeks, hence not many chances to get on to my blog or the computer.  I will explain later.  I need to go to bed soon but wanted to do a little blog to say hi, and to show you a couple of photos I have taken:

The pretty flowers and bottle of wine arrived to our house on Saturday afternoon from a serviceman I send work/jobs to while doing my job… I was so surprised, and very lucky… I will tell you another day why he sent them to me.  I was and am still chuffed to bits receiving them.  It put a smile of my dile. 


The tiled floor below is on the inside of the Historic Dunedin Railway Station.  It is absolutely beautiful, inside and out.  A lot of tourists take photos of it.  Colin and I went to an Art Exhibition of Dunedin Artists there a month or so ago.


This is the wrought iron overlooking the foyer/entrance way.



The stairs are all hand laid with tiles, these ones are NZR = New Zealand Railways.


Wrought iron work up close.


A photo I took last year out of the car window on the way up to a vineyard in Cromwell, when Colin and I went away for the weekend for our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  I framed the photo I got enlarged of two bulls peeping around the tree.  They were huge bulls.  It looked like they were playing hide and seek.  I made the frame and put it together at my Art Class, then displayed it in our recent Art Exhibition.  This one was not for sale, but they tell me I could have sold it a few times over. 


It is Guy Fawkes tomorrow night.  I hope our animals don’t get frightened.  None of our neighbours, all living on Lifestyle Blocks light them, as most of us have livestock. 

I will post again soon.

Nigh night.






Hi all fellow bloggers and readers. I haven’t been able to post anything lately due to a busy couple of weeks. 

Colin’s Brother is doing well after his surgery of removing his lung and ribs.  We visited him again on Friday night, he was sitting up and chatting away.  He is now only 51 kgs and gaunt, therefore looks a lot older than his 52 years.  Fingers crossed for him gaining his health and life back.  He said to us ‘he thought he was brown bread’.  Colin hadn’t heard of this saying before.  I wonder if it is a New Zealand slang or saying?   We told Colin that it means: ‘he thought he was a gonna’, or ‘on his last legs’….geez there is another couple of sayings. :)

Yesterday I volunteered at The Hospice for most of the day, then took my 83 year old friend Alma out for a coffee.   She left a message on my answerphone last night to say how much fun and enjoyment she had.  She kept cuddling me and didn’t want to say goodbye.  Her family/sons live out of town, I am glad I made an effort and took her out to brighten up her day.  I achieved what I set out to do.

 Alma lives near the Hospice and also a local Rest Home for the Elderly, it is called Ross Home.   Alma volunteers her time there herself, even at her age :)   The Ross Home Cafe is where Alma wanted to go for our afternoon tea.   I wanted to take her into town or further afar, but it was her choice.  On our answerphone last night she left a message saying she didn’t get home until 5pm, she visited two patients and massaged a 80 year old ladies back, as she was sore.   It brought a tear to my eye that Alma is older than some of the patients and she does this.  She is such a lovely lady and friend.  Also we have a special attachment, we both have Coeliac Disease.  That is where I met her at our Coeliac Society a few years ago.

My work is restructuring jobs in the office at the moment, I won’t say too much on this just now, but my job is on the line:(  

My work has not been very nice to me over the last two weeks.  I officially find out on Wednesday.   I haven’t been sleeping very well worrying.  I have been there 7  and a 1/2 years and do a good job in my department, always offering extra hours and bending over backwards for them.  Not a nice feeling with a possible redundancy looming, right before Christmas, and no redundancy money at all.  Damn, I have been really upset and sad about this.  Will see what this week brings.

In the meantime I will keep on keeping on.  :P

Check out this lovely set of handcrafted dolls heads I won at an auction last week.  I was out walking and saw an auction room open so poked my head in.   I did a paper bid on the set and won.  I had to ask them how I do this bid.  I love them and am delighted they are now mine.  They have been made by an artist, I am thinking they look like the style of Oamaru’s Donna Demente ?  I love her style and work, a bit whacky and unique.  I will investigate further.

They are paper mache with real birds wings…. yes I know, not everyone’s taste.  But …I love ‘different’ and supporting other artists.  Here is a photo.  I am now going to hang them up on my wall, if I can find a space.   

unnamed (2)

I am also adding two lovely photos of my friend Beata’s puddy cat, Kiera, she is gorgeous. Beata is Polish, studies and lives in Denmark.  Kiera is a Polish Cat :) and lives with Beata’s Fathers.


Kiara 2

Have a happy day :)




I wonder what Angels in heaven smell like ? , probably a sweet delightful smell like lavender or roses.  

My Sister Brenda likes Angels a lot and so did our Mum.

Brenda gave all of us a lovely gift when she was here in NZ two weeks ago.  Lucky me, I received some lovely perfume….called ‘Angel’.

Yesterday I wore it on a walk with a crowd of people, I had four comments on my perfume smelling nice.  One lady even recognized it as being ‘Angel’ :)  

This is part of the review I read about the perfume :

“This ground breaking oriental fragrance is one of the best selling perfumes of the past 20 years. This feminine scent has notes of bergamot, mandarin, dewberry, honey, red berries, patchouli, australian sandalwood, coumarin, vanilla, caramel, chocolate”

Did someone say chocolate?   …hmmm no wonder I love it. 

Brenda knows I love perfume, and so did our Mummy Dearest.  

Today is very windy in Dunedin, I wanted to go for a walk, but it was almost gale force winds.  They still haven’t settled yet and it is after 8pm.

We have just found out today after Colin finally got hold of his Brother, that he is getting operated on tomorrow.  He is a bit of a loner and an anxious person, he is scared, we don’t blame him.  

He is getting a lung taken out tomorrow due to cancer and they will also remove a few ribs.   Fingers and toes crossed it goes well, Colin and I will go and see him in a couple of days time.  I hate cancer!

I had a hell of a week at work last week, don’t know if things will be that much better this week….I will tell you more when I know more.  My work place are treating me badly.   I better get a good nights sleep.  :)  

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