I was up extremely early this morning for an 830 am start of a mountain race.  

I have always wanted to do this particular one one day before I turn 50, I still have 2 years to go, but was persuaded to enter it at the last minute this week.  It is known to be a hard walk & running race.

I don’t have a ‘bucket list’ as such, although I do have things to achieve or try upstairs in my little head.  

This morning it basically went for a km then straight up the first mountain, I was the third person up the front for as least half of the race, but was then overtaking my an older chap.   He was a lovely guy who ended up knowing my Aunty and Uncle.   I spoke to him afterwards.  He is actually a runner and said he thought he would walk it this year and that he is good on the hills….and he was.  

I tried to keep up but remembered I still had a long way to go on a walk and terrain I was unsure of.   I reminded myself that I was doing it for me and to walk my own race  rather than being silly trying to keep up with others and nearly killing myself.  

As it turned out I came in in 4th place over the finish line, I am very weary and will probably be stiff or sore tomorrow.  I am a road walker normally not a cross country walker, it was a good change.

It rained most of the 11 kms, it was rocky, windy, freezing cold and very slippery with lots of puddles.  There was a fair bit of down hill too so you had to be careful with your footing.

 Two hills on the track near the end  that kept on going were steep and had lots of rocks, it was a killer.   Such a relief to get to the end.

 The chap that talked me into competing in the race this year instead of next year is a runner. He works at my work and was entering the 26 km run for the first time, he has only done the shorter 11 km distance.   I will find out tomorrow how he went.  What an achievement it would be for him. :) We may both be walking slowly in the morning :P


Bloody impressive for the runners to run that distance in those conditions and that terrain.  I take my hat off to them :)

I am not sure if I will do it again but I am very very happy I did.  

Maybe I might plan on a different walk before I turn 50 to do. 

I wanted to add a photo of my filthy shoes and legs, but wordpress keeps telling me I haven’t got enough space, I have deleted heaps and heaps of old posts with photos and have also made the photos smaller to add, but I still can’t add any :(   Can anyone help me, what am I doing wrong or what do I need to do?   Any advice would be thankfully received.







I would like to have a go at making these cactus's.

I would like to have a go at making these cactus’s.

A quote I like and that is so so true about selfish people:

” Sometimes when you give up on someone, it’s not that you don’t care anymore, but because you realise they don’t “

On a more positive note, another quote I like is this one:

” It is not happy people that are thankful, it is thankful people that are happy “.

There is always something to be grateful for :)

Have a good night or day, wherever you may be in the world.  Donna



Today I purchased some neat fabric from a local store in town. It is of Campbell’s Soup Cans.  :)   Andy Warhol the Artist produced a work of  pop art in 1962 of 32 of these cans of soup, all in different flavours. 

Andy was a man of many many talents, he was was a fashion illustrator, painter, printmaker, sculptor, magazine publisher, filmmaker, photographer, and archivist of his times. His early paintings drew on his experiences as a commercial illustrator, and appropriated motifs from advertising and comics..

I like Warhol’s work and also Pop Art, so I had to buy a metre of this fabric to make a skirt.  I also wanted something unexpected on the back of the skirt, so found some spotty fabric to go with it.  
I like things a little different and like spots too.  All I have to do now is hand sew the hem. To my surprise the zip went in quite well.  They are normally a bit wonky when I put them in,  but I achieved it without any tucks. :)

I think I may be wearing this skirt sometime this week to work.  I guess I will be receiving a few comments on it, probably weird ones.

As long as I like something then I’ll wear it!  :P

Back to work tomorrow after the Easter Break, I have had my chocolate fix.





Up close

Up close




We arrived home after two nights and three days in the lovely village of Moeraki on the East Coast of the South Island.   We really are so lucky living in New Zealand.   Beautiful scenery and things to see everywhere.  We crammed a lot into the small amount of time we had. Yawwwwwwwwwn. :)

After arriving home this afternoon we are lucky we have another day to relax tomorrow before work on Tuesday.   I hope you are having a nice relaxing Easter break as well and have had some yummy chocolate to eat.  :)




Have a look at this woppa I was given from Jackie at my work this morning.  

I have never seen such a vegetable before, I initially thought it was some sort of pumpkin.  Jackie has four of them growing in her garden, the seed was given to her.

I think after eating this beast I will save some seed to do the same.

I had to google a little bit about this heritage New Zealand vegtable.  

It is called Kamo Kamo, but sometimes also called Kumi Kumi.   It has beautiful yellow flowers and speckled green fruit.

You can’t really buy it in the supermarkets and green grocers in NZ.  It is a vege that is a type of squash that is related to marrows , courgettes and gourds.

I believe like a courgette or marrow, it has a nice mild taste, sometimes more nuttier than its blander relatives.

It can be pan-fried, barbequed, boiled, roasted, stir fried, mashed, made into fritters and chips and even made into relish.   The male flowers and the vine tips can be eaten too.  

It grows in two varieties, an long variety and a pumpkin round shaped one like mine.

Kamo Kamo is very nutritious, rich in potassium, zinc and lots of fibre, fructose and glucose.  

You can even stuff the flowers with ricotta , lightly battering and frying.

It is thought that these vegetables were introduced into New Zealand in the late 1800’s by European settlers. The Maoris valued it the most and it quickly became a staple part of their diet.  There you go,…. a bit of history about this very versatile glorious looking vegetable.  

I can’t wait to try it.  

Kamo Kamo Vegetable

Kamo Kamo Vegetable

Look at the way it grows, in such a neat segmented shape.

Look at the way it grows, in such a neat segmented shape.

Below is a pretty Golden Elm tree down the bottom of the hill where I live.  I have admired it for years in the centre of the roundabout. I took the photo on the way to The Hospice on Sunday morning. 

Oh yes, I forgot to say, to my Australian followers, well done to the Australian Cricket Team who won the final on Sunday.  We were hoping the Black Caps would win, but Australia was certainly the better bowlers and team on the day.  
We did very very well getting as far as we did, I feel proud to be a Kiwi. :)


Colin and I are away to Moeraki, a fishing village about an hours drive from Dunedin.   We have  stayed a few times there at the Camping Ground, either in our tent or a cabin.   This time, we have booked the later.  I can’t wait to have two whole nights there for Easter, I will take some of my chocolate stash or an Easter Egg with me :)   Work is very busy, therefore I NEED a little break.




Yay, I am off to the The Hospice tomorrow to volunteer, I have been looking forward to it all week.  I can’t wait to chat to the paitents.

My friend who is 81 now lives nearby, so I will call in and say hi to her after I finish my duties before heading home.   

Today we had the opening day at my Harriers Athletics Club and the first walk of the season.   We had a big turn out, it was good to see that the rain stayed away until we arrived back at the club after our hilly walk.  There was a few new faces to be seen there and lots of children joining :)

The girl I jointly won the Women’s Cup at Prizegiving on the last day of club  last year gave it to me today after shining the silver up nicely.  I let her have it for the first 6 months, now I have it to admire for the next 6 months.  It is a biggie and beautiful cup, I came home with a smile on my dile with it.  I took a photo of it to show you all.

It's the biggie in the middle of my other two from last year :)

It’s the biggie in the middle of my other two from last year :)

I think it will be an early night to bed tonight, maybe 11 pm as I have to get up early in the morning.

The cricket Final game is on late tomorrow afternoon – go the Black Caps!  We play against the mighty Aussies.   Of course, everyone in NZ is hoping we win.   Either way, the New Zealand team has done extremely well already.  I guess a lot of Kiwis will be watching the TV (the ‘idiot box’ as my father used to call it). :)



I have walked to work today, so am home a little later home than normal.   I will leave my housework until later as I am going to jump in the car and go to The Farmers Store to support the people that are brave enough to shave their hair off today in support of the Fundraiser for Blood Cancer. 
As you know Colin, my Husband was diagnosed with an aggressive, uncommon type of Leukemia out of the blue.  He is still on chemotherapy pills that are knocking him about a bit.  But he is so far in remission, and we are very very thankful.  I am off to give $20 towards the fundraiser. 

Shave for a Cure is LBC’s annual fundraising event, in which thousands of kiwis pledge to shave their heads in exchange for donations from family and friends. The funds raised through Shave are vital to fund LBC’s service supporting the 6 New Zealanders diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition every day. 

The funds raised through the sale of the t-shirts help LBC continue to fund their services supporting patients and families living with a blood cancer – leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma, or a related blood condition.   


If you wish to purchase a tee-shirt or donate, click on the link below:




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