‘Scarfies’ Keg Party

If you aren’t sure what a ‘Scarfie’  is – it’s a term that we have nick-named our Dunedin University students.

Yesterday we went to a Samoan/NZ Wedding.  The tables were set up with a mixture of Samoan Tapa Cloths, Kiwiana Flax bags with Paua shells full of Cadburys chocolates, beautiful flowers and we had great company at our one.  These chaps were three Rockgas people I use to work with and their wifes/partners, I think they had already had lots of drinks before the Reception and meal.  They were very humorous.

On the way home I (being the sober driver) decided to take a photo of  ‘the infamous Hyde Street Keg Party’ rubbish remains!  The students held the party yesterday/last night in Dunedin.  It was not far from the wedding venue, so we decided to do a drive-by on the way home at Midnight.  Most of the street party was closed down already by the Police, but there was still lots of drunken bums out and about, they gave us a few laughs.  On a serious note it really is a wonder no one was killed.  The main after-party fun seemed to be either riding in the stolen supermarket trollies or sitting on skateboards being pushed up the middle of the streets amongst the cars.

It was a bit of a risk, but I jumped out the car to take a photo of the empty beer cans and rubbish in the gutters, my god – what an eye sore.   The party managed to hit the headlines on the news with lots of arrests.  The photo doesn’t do the mess justice, it was pretty impressive  that it could get that bad so quickly.

…..So it seems our night out at the Wedding was quite tame after all!


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