I think I will have to add many posts this week.  I had such a busy and eventful weekend.

This rose I pinched from our Friday visit to the Rest Home to see my old work mate, Murray.  I love yellow roses.  After visiting the ever so gentle and lovely natured Murray, I spotted this standard yellow rose bush outside the main doors at the Rest Home.  My Boss was horrified that I was going to steal one.  He kept walking 🙂

I had to have it in a vase at home to remind me of Murray all weekend.  I must say I did gain a bit of a prick while taking it. That will teach me!

I have it on my Grandma’s rimu table that Colin did up years ago, you can also see my collections – the green depression glass, my Grandma’s radio (I listened to this radio when I stayed at her house when we were kid).  Also collecting dust on her table is some of her old cutlery that I inherited when my Mum died.  A lot of it has bone handles. I can’t see the point in having nice things shut away in a box, I like them on display for all to see.

Murray was surprised and delighted to see us both.  He choked and got quite emotional when we left.  I helped him turn some pages over in a wildlife magazine.  We chatted about our children, work etc… Murray couldn’t speak back, but certainly gave us the eyebrows up or down. I gave him a bit of cheek.   It was the highlight of my day, and I know he would have loved it too.    I will go back sooner rather than later.

I will post again soon  🙂



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